Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mandator-initial velocity LP (1988)

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1. attila
2. black rose
3. faces of death
4. jack boots and leather caps
5. power of the law
6. posers
7. I will be your last

These dudes were from the great country of Holland, and played some thrash metal that was pretty much overlooked or passed by, by many of us. I was immersed in the punk hardcore scene, and missed this one until i moved back to Albany, and found it at worlds records in around '91 or '92. It has a bit of a German flare, mixed with some Exodus as well. The solos are a bit longer then most thrashers of the time, and they go on, and on. This might be to straight up metal for many non metalheads.



  1. woah! good memories listening to this. I have seen them live a couple of times back in the day, from the same neighbourhood.
    Formerly known as Mysto Dysto. Try to check out the No Aids In Hell demo!
    great blog!

  2. There is a track missing from the archive!

  3. http://rapidshare.com/files/3745385/Mandator-Initial_Velocity-1988-RZB.rar

  4. i remember Mysto Dysto!! man i remember thinking "Tarantula" was the catchiest thing i'd ever heard!! i had a chance to buy the Rules Have Been Disturbed record from this guy i used to know who was selling pretty much everything he owned. this guy knew of all kinds of obscure metal bands from Europe and shit. i guess i still thought if someone i knew had a copy of this Dutch band's record it couldn't be THAT rare, right?? i've never seen another copy..

  5. I loved this band back in the day, but I can't find a copy of this album anywhere. Was it even released on CD? I stupidly did away with vinyl in the 90s now I can't find any rare albums unless I buy it on vinyl which I'm trying to avoid. I want to avoid downloading it as well. Grr, i just really want this album bad on cd, if anyone can help me out that would be great.