Saturday, April 21, 2007

Exorcist-nightmare theatre LP (1985)

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1. black mass
2. the invocation
3. burnt offerings
4. the hex
5. possessed
6. call for the exorcist
7. death by bewitchment
8. the trial
9. execution of the witches
10. consuming flames of redemtion
11. megawatt mayhem
12. riding to hell
13. queen of the dead
14. lucifers lament

Exorcist were a joke band made up of Virgin Steele members who were mimicking the more extreme metal being discovered and played by so many of us in the early 80's. The record is wicked catchy, and the vocals make it. For many a year (decades), I had no idea that this was a spin off of V.S.
I was sort of over a lot of metal by the time this record came out (or maybe rebelling against it due to punk), but the growling, harsh vocals held my attention. If I'd heard this a few years earlier, there might have an abundance of missing pets in the neighborhood.


  1. man this blog is the soundtrack of my childhood!thanks for sharing!i was surprised too that EXORCIST are VIRGEEN STEELE spin off!

  2. my friend George m. brought this over to my house (i lived in my parents basement at the time) and we had a good 'ol time head bangin and air guitaring to it
    fun times
    i had no idea it was a joke either

  3. Like it, just full of stereotype extreme metal. Thank you for sharing all this with us!

  4. Download mediafire (59.33mb):