Sunday, April 13, 2008

AXE WITCH visions of the past LP (1984)

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1.visions of the past
2.give them hell
3.tonight lady
5.stand up
6.heading for the storm
7.born in hell
8.time to live

These dudes formed in Sweden in around 1980. The band put out a full length before this one, and the Pray for Metal ep as well. Both are just great, and ground breaking metal records in many circles. Visions Is by no means up to par with either of those records, BUT is still great if you dig the NWOBHM sound. I think that Axe Witch early on were influential to bands everywhere, then with this record they sort of became influenced or went along with the flow of what was going on by those they had influenced... weird, right? Still a great record, and worthy of posting, and listening to. I've been listening to it for two weeks straight now, and decided to post it, because I think its been ignored, and pretty obscure compared to the early works of these Swedes. Great High pitched vox, the way metal was meant to be sung!
I bought these guys early records based on my love for Maiden, and of course the very metallic band name of Axe Witch. Can't argue with the fantasy art work either, it just screams metal. This is the last record I sought out by these dudes, as I was pretty much getting into the hardcore, and thrash metal stuff at this point.
Comment if you download this bad boy, as It keeps me motivated, and eagerly posting my music collection.


  1. great name! I thank you for all the music.

  2. I love this record too! Took quite a few listens for it to grow on me, but now I can't get enough. The title track is my favourite. I was planning to post this one soon... no need I guess.

  3. Brings back memories, the singer is in another world which makes it even more innovative. I'm still looking for Lord of the Flies. Thanks bro

  4. Nate! thank you so fucking much for posting your amazing music (especially obscure metal) collection! when i was a 10 year old tomboy in the 80's i fell in love with metal and unfortunately my mother would destroy what i could get my hands on (midwest argh!)., you have brought me back! Thanks for enriching my life in such an amazing way!
    MUSIC IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! thanks for reminding me.

  5. What great post!!!! I love this information I think that this kind of music is very different,I love the rock and all the sub-genre!!! dd22

  6. Thanx for keeping the metal spirit alive!!
    We're currently recording a new record that will sound very 80's I think.
    Thanx agin for the kind words...