Monday, April 14, 2008

COCKSPARRER shock troops LP (1983)

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1.where are they now?
2.riot squad
4.take 'em all
5.we're coming back your back
7.I got your number
8.secret army
9.droogs don't run
10.out on an island

C.S. were a British punk/oi band that put out this amazing 12" in around 1983. The music is super melodic, and rockin, while the vox are snotty as hell in that England punk sort of way. A true street punk masterpiece that has become an thematic for both punks and skins alike. These punks helped to define Oi by using working class pride in many of their songs and lyrics. Metalheads will hate this one.
I was Turned onto C.S. in around 1985 by members of the S.F. Skinheads when moving into their crib (while they were moving out). My friend Troy from Oregon was somehow living in this room with a few of the head skins of the time(Bones was one of em). When my lease was up from where I was living, Troy moved me into this place cos Bones was movin' in with his skin bird or some shit.. It was crazy... This was an entire house on 603 Fell street, the skinheads had one room on the first floor. The room was pretty much a huge living room, but these guys had converted it into a bunker building with 4 home made bunks, plus couches, etc. These dudes would pretty much drink beer, listen to AC/DC, and various Oi anthems while making comments to the land lord who lived in the room next door about him being gay. Dudes were brutal, but kind of funny. The upstairs of the house was occupied by this 60 year old transsexual(Val), who used to be lovers with the landlord(Jerry). The two no longer spoke to one another, but we all had to share the Kitchen. Upstairs Val had this younger macho dude with a mullet & mustache with whom the skins liked to party with. Down stairs Jerry had a little dog with fleas named wee wee. What a weird time...When I listen to this album or AC/DC's dirty Deeds, I automatically start thinking of this shit.
Enjoy, and comment please.


  1. I guess because of the name I expected something a bit harder. Still sounds great man, kinda sounds like the Spits or The Deviators. Great post man thanks!

  2. Mike, you must be a metalhead?

  3. You're right this one is significant. That street punk thing was really going on over there at that time. I really like how you are adding your stories to the music, it makes your site special as opposed to sites where some people just choose to have a link (that's totally cool if that's what people want to do). Was that record store on Polk called the Record Vault or something like that? Thanx for your time and energy.

  4. thanks Justin.
    Yeah, the Record vault on Polk was a seriously ripping store. I got King Diamonds autograph on my old Lance Mountain deck there. place was a god send.

  5. I'm kinda in between. I love hardcore equally as much as metal. The reality is that I'm more down with the hardcore scene. You have some pretty wicked stories man and as justin said I appreciate all the work you put into this site. Its pretty sad how unknown the bands you put are... they are fuckin killer.

  6. totally right about this being a masterpiece. love the story attached to the link as well.

  7. Hi

    did you only list 10 tracks , there should be 13, including the 7" off this LP, England Belongs To Me.
    this is their 2nd LP, thye started in 1976, and their 1st LPonly came out in Spain, though a couple of singles were issue in the UK, Runnin Riot and We Love You , yeah, the Stones song.

    And there are still going now!

  8. Great story man. I'm downloading all this stuff but can't listen fast enough!

  9. I'm a metalhead, and I love this album.

  10. This album is just one of the best in punk history, each one of the songs it's a fucking ANTHEM.

    Great blog and great story.

    ps: All the lame metalheads that didn't even hear about Cock Sparrer before and now complain like fuckin' pricks can wipe my ass with their long, faggot (no homophobia intended), hair.