Friday, October 26, 2007

the 4 SKINS-the good, the bad LP (1982)

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1. plastic gangsters
2. jealousy
3. yesterdays heroes
4. justice
5. jack the lad
6. rememberance day
7. manifesto
8. wonderful world
9. sorry
10. evil
11. I don't wanna be
12. A.C.H.B
13. chaos
14. one law for them

This was the first skinhead/Oi band I'd prolly ever heard. I discovered these guys when I lived in S.F. in around 1985. I met a dude at a hc show named Troy, he was from Oregon, but living in a room with Bones, and some other skinheads, who were high ranking SF skinheads. I hung out there for a few weeks with Troy(as I didn't really know anyone in the Bay area), watching the skins drink, beat one another up, while listening to AC/DC and the 4 Skins. They loved the idea of turning on an impressionable young metalhead to skinhead music. A few weeks later these guys moved out of the room on 603 fell street, and I moved in. Listening back to this album makes me think of those times.


  1. This is an awesome LP, probably one of the first skin/oi bands I ever heard too. Id love to see some Menace on here!

  2. Hi, you got track 12 down as A.C.H.B. it is A.C.A.B. which means All Coppers Are Bastards. Which I have to say, after 25 years of dealing with them, most are.

    Love the 4-Skins? Love the Cockney Rejects.

    Your blog takes me back, thanks ;)

  3. Jenny
    thanks for the correction. My fault. I'll fix it someday.

    I am a sucker for Oi stuff for sure.
    heres a tough one...
    Cock Sparrer or the Rejects?

    glad you dig the blog.

  4. thanks for the post, great stuff. I had this album long ago as an antidote to overly PC hardcore.

  5. What's the genre of this band?, because I read something about skinheads and rock music, so the cover of the album is red, yellow and green that's why I'm so confused.m10m