Saturday, October 13, 2007

SATAN-court in the act LP (1983)

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1. Into The Fire
2. Trial By Fire
3. Blades Of Steel
4. No Turning Back
5. Broken Treaties
6. Break Free
7. Hunt You Down
8. The Ritual
9. Dark Side Of Innocence
10. Alone In The Dark

I bought this record simply due to the band name of course, and maybe the amazing cover art. I mean come on, Satan? Thats amazing. Unfortunately the name didn't really match up to the band for me in 1984. I guess I was expecting something harsher. It took me a good 10 years to appreciate this metal for what it was. These guys did the traditional NWOBHM thing totally top notch, influencing power metal and speed metal bands for decades to come. Think a rawer, faster Iron Maiden. The vox are high pitched, but not over the top, the guitar playing is amazing with dual stuff going on. The vocalist Brian Ross went on to be in Blitzkrieg. The band changed their name like 3 times to try an make record labels happy. It killed the band.


  1. Thanks for this post. "Break Free" has the most awesome riffs and solos ever heard in a metal song!!!

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  3. awesome record, trial by fire is a real metal classic. if i remember right brian ross was actually in blitzkrieg first, and then replaced the original satan vocalist a few years later. before he was in the band they put out a 7" that now goes for like a zillion dollars on ebay. i'll put up a link to it, the a side is a rager:

  4. yep, great piece of late nwobhm - thanks , timo

  5. Hey i accidenly changed to open with windows media player, whats the orginal file that its suppose to open up with?

  6. Thanks a lot! If this record is rare in your country imagine here (in Brazil)...

  7. I was always wondering if there were any lost NWOBHM classics that actually rip as hard as DiAnno era maiden, and this one comes close indeed.

  8. Their performance at KEEP IT TRUE fest in April was amazing. It was the first time since 28 years that the whole original C.I.T.A. lineup played together and it was flawless!