Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DRAGON fallen angel LP(1990)

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01.fallen angel
02.i spit in your face
03.tears of satan
05.simon peter
06.destructor/sewer of graves
07.into the dark

This is some top notch,tech savvy and intricate thrash metal that some what borders on death metal. The band were from Poland and should make my friends, "the Krak brothers"(Jason and Jared Krak) quite proud of their Polish heritage. This is the bands second release, and you can tell the music is a bit different from the first record as the band had a line up change, loosing both the singer and bass player. I actually prefer this record to the first, and absolutely love the song "i spit in your face", its seriously so brutal, and makes me want to spit in peoples faces.
I originally got my copy of this record from a friend I grew up with and played music with in Latham NY. Mark S. played bass in Horrid Blessing, and was someone whom I'd discovered, and enjoyed lots of underground metal with in the early to mid 1980's. Mark went on to join the marines, and before he was deployed to the first Gulf war he gave me some of his metal records.
A fond memory I have of Mark is him asking me to go to his recruiters with him before being deployed because he was "nervous". Of course it was sort of a ploy to try an get me to join up with him. I went with my buddy not having any idea he was trying to get me involved. When we got there The recruiter asked me what I did for a living.... I told him I was a plumber. His response was "Nathan, we have plumbing in the marines, I can make you a journeymen in 3 years". My response was simple, "what, digging shit holes to use for toilets in the sand?" The conversation was over.
There is also a Polish version of this record.


  1. Word em up Nate. haven't thought about Dragon in a long time. I really like a lot of the thrash stuff that came outta Poland round '88 - 90 (i.e. Turbo, Wolf spider, Hammer, Astharoth, Alastor, etc). There really was some kinda special sound that seemed to be unique to the Polish scene at that time. Quirky and technical and great.

    "The Last warrior" by Turbo has to be one of my favorite metal tunes of all time. it almost feels like a movie. And the rest of that record isn't too bad either. so epic, yet just completely vicious at the same time. there wasn't enough thrash metal that could be both..

  2. thanks man!

  3. Polish versions of their albums at the always great Piotr K. music blog:

  4. Man, i'm so glad you posted this. I hadn't even thought to listen to this or Horde Of Gog in such a long time. i love the warm guitar sound on this record. Nice n smooth.

  5. So fucking great! Do you have the Vader demo's? Some other great Polish underground metal.
    thank you for this blog.


    i think you'd like my band La Otracina

    thanks for all the good shit!

  7. Weren't you hired as a "sand plumber" down in Panama City Beach???

  8. Awesome record. Thanks .

  9. i have been wary of the internet and not so into it...then i came across your blog...ARGH!!! AMAZING! Thanks dude!
    ps. Monster X was pretty sweet

  10. That's the way to reply! nice way of making them relentless of singing you up for the marines. Could have been a cool experience but not everyone is made to do that type of service. By the way am just downloading this, and check it out.

  11. Great blog, I have been a fan of this group since I was twelve years old, I can not stop to listen this album because for my It is the best one, the metal is my lifestyle.

  12. I love the the cover of this disc, the art of the famous scene in where, Luzbel was expulsed from heaven, and Michael throw it to the earth.