Saturday, July 4, 2009

BEDLAM-lost in space 12"(1986)

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01.lost in space
03.burn one
04.knife in my back
05.rotting from the inside out
07.generation landslide

My wife and I have recently been looking at perhaps moving from Brooklyn NY to the wonderful state of NJ. I figured I'd pay some respect to the godawful state of NJ on this wonderful 4th of July by posting some bad, yet obscure NJ hardcore.
Seriously though... I now know where West Orange is because we looked at houses there, and the address where this 12" was recorded was in an area I'd recently been while driving around.
I just got a copy of this record after selling all my Bedlam stuff in the early 1990's, due to some song they had about A.i.d.s. Yup, I was sort of a pc dickhead for sure. The song was stupid, and isn't on this record, so I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess I took my hardcore pretty seriously back then.
I first heard these guys in maybe 1986, when a neighbor/friend in San Fran named Eric Meade made me the best mix tape I think I've ever heard. The tape featured at least 4 songs each by the likes of Jerrys Kids, CIA, Reagan Youth, the Bad Brains, FU's, Sacred Denial(the good LP songs), 76% Uncertain, Void, Beastie Boys, SSD, and yup... Bedlam. I liked the band for their dirgy style, and the harsh production that you could tell was recorded and mixed by someone that had no idea what to do with the bands sound, so hey, lets add some reverb!
This record has everything you need, fast parts, slow mosh parts, and some weird psych stuff mixed in as well.
I hadn't seen this Friend Eric in almost 20 years, and was wondering about what ever happened to him. I went to Amoeba Records with my pal Matt Average, and Average starts asking me, "hey man, wasn't that guy in C2D"? I looked and was like...holy shit!!! I walked up and asked him if he used to live off of Fell street in S.F, and told him who I was. It was so weird, and very cool. Eric had really made a huge impact on me 20 years earlier, and I'd been wanting to tell him that.


  1. sick. never heard this one. its catchy

  2. thank you. More hardcore please!

  3. The singer of Bedlam (Lenny) ran the Buy Our Records label.

  4. thank you, great post

  5. LENNY!!!!!!!!
    singers name was James actually..
    buy our records label was started by Dave and Paul(both of Adrenalin O.D.),then later joined by friends Leonard & James

  6. cheers mate! I have one of the Bedlam LPs. it is not this one. great songs.

  7. i loved the buy our records label. This record is a personal favorite.


  8. I would love to get this album. Any chance of reposting it? I had a copy back in the 80's but it got ruined in a flood with the rest of my collection.