Monday, September 8, 2008

R.I.P. Witchunter

According to Sodom's web site the bands original drummer, Chris Dudek (a.k.a. Witchhunter), passed away yesterday (Sunday, September 7). No further details are currently available. He was still pretty young.
My friend Ron played me some of the bands newest LP, that Witchunter appeared on... total bummer. I grew up listening to Sodom, and being shocked at the extreme sound of "sign of evil" when it came out. Witchunter was part of the rawness that helped to fuse the bands early sound.


  1. RIP Witchhunter. I loved his playing on "In The Sign Of Evil" too. I remember listening to "Outbreak Of Evil" and thinking it had that feeling of running down a hill reallly fast and feeling yourself falling forward and you can't stop. It sounded like he was running while he was thumping the tubs.

  2. aw bummer man! his drumming on those early Sodom records was brutal. he will be missed. RIP

  3. this completely sucks.
    I still never saw them.

  4. Scary coincidence:
    The night Chris died a buddy and me watched the Sodom DVD.
    We were making jokes about how wasted he looked during the last interviews.
    Next day we heard that he has past during the night. :-(

    You definately have to check out the dvd called `Lords of Depravity´.
    It´s about the history of Sodom from 1982 to 1995.