Sunday, September 7, 2008

ABRYCT Otvetniy Udar LP (1988)

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2.Otvetniy Udar
4.Tochka Otscheta (instrumental)
5.Doroga V Nikuda
7.Rock N Roll
8.Tsvetnoy Son (instrumental)

Again, this one is for the metallers that read this blog. If your a punk, I can almost guarantee this ones is not for you. Sorry.
The band was from Russia, and the name translates into "August". August formed in 1982, and were always dealing with problems with the USSR government. The Soviet government scrutinized and kept music within certain boundaries of content and artistic creativity.
The music on This LP is a killer attempt at early power metal, that has gone on to influence the likes of Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Nitro, etc. This stuff is over the top with melodic, fast, operatic, classical influenced riffs. If you hate key boards, you'll hate this. Like I said this stuffs not for everyone, and has had people in the metal scene scoffing at them for years. I love it, its over the top and obscure as hell. If you see this bands stuff grab it up, its rare as hell, and barely made it into the States at all.


  1. Man, you got me. I just can't deny the headbanging(ness) of these metal monsters. These dudes play some bitchin' stuff. Were they seriously not allowed to make music of this sort? Good stuff, thanks for posting.

  2. it was a different time... they def were innovators of heavy music in Russia. The government were on their backs from they bands get go.

  3. The real name of the band - АВГУСТ (AUGUST, in English).

  4. looks the same to me you filthy red!

  5. this is ridiculous(ly awesome)! there are fucking organs in some of the songs!

  6. the song "GONKA" is pure gold. Thanks for posting this!!!!

  7. this is a solid gem for sure!!!!!!! thank you.

  8. Thanks for this one! I have their "Demon" LP which is even more melodic. I have a review of it on my blog, not sure if the songs are still working links though it's pretty old. This band is still active too I think, and yes, I would spell the name AVGUST in English. Abryct is a good idea for a Southern Lord black metal band or something though!

    Another question Nate, where are you getting all the Russian stuff? I would be interested in trading or buying anything I don't have. E-mail me or comment back. Thanks.

  9. I really don't have much more Russian stuff. Though I'm always on the look out.


  10. Huh. bought this lp on a whim for like 4 bucks. Its rad but had no idea it was worth money.

    Ever hear the Russian Master?