Sunday, March 23, 2008

CORONER-r.i.p. LP (1987)

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2.Reborn Through Hate
3.When Angels Die
4.Intro (Nosferatu)
6.Suicide Command
7.Spiral Dream
10.Fried Alive
11.Intro (Totentanz)

This album is a fierce, under appreciated monster Jem for sure. Coroner hailed From Zürich Switzerland, and played speed thrash metal that has a huge Celtic Frost and Kreator influence. The band put out two vicious demos before releasing this, their debut album. I think anyone listening to this, with any understanding of music history could tell you that the writing, and guitar playing is VERY classical influenced as well. Tons of fast paced galloping mixed with the bands tech style makes this one of my favorite thrash metal records of the late 80's. A true metal masterpiece.
I bumped into this record by mistake at a record store on Haight street (Reckless, or Restless,I forget), and bought it because it was used, and very cheap($3.99). I was way into my German stuff at this time, and mistook the band from being German. Another record I'm glad I ran into. I miss those days of record shopping with Zoran, in San Fransisco.
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  1. Put up the DEATH CULT demo by Coroner!!!!

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  3. lucky to say that i have this on cd, years after the fact that i, much like you first heard it on vinyl
    this shit shreds

    you talk a lot about the german thrash bands from this era.
    i wondering why u havent posted up Destructions 'sentence of death' ep
    or anything by them for that matter

    ok, thats about it for now, i still cant get that Zoetrope file to unzip, but thats my problem

    have a good one dude

  4. This album was great, but over the years I find myself listening to "No More Color" album the most. Both records have amazing and memorable melody lines...and expert riffing. Classic for sure.

  5. didn´t do tom warrior some vocals on some of their demos ? guitarist tommy went on to join kreator (on the much underrated outcast album, and endorama ). as always - a great choice , timo

  6. I use to have this on cassette but that crapped out years ago. Thanks!!

  7. Thanks for posting this! You are opening up my eyes (and ears) to some great stuff I missed out on in the past!

  8. What a great find!
    I had this on vinyl along with about
    800 other albums.. I lost them all
    when Hurricane Andrew decided to visit in 1992..I may never get all
    my old bands back together but..
    This helps alot.

    On a side note..I see you listed some
    Poison Idea.. I used to live in "The Death House" with Trey off of Burnside Ave in Portland.
    Jerry A would stop in along with others..Tito from Wehrmacht, Brian from Sweaty Nipples, Smegma, Satyricon, Lockjaw, Final Warning!!
    Ahh I miss those days. Hell, even G.G. Allin would stop in..

    Thank you!

  9. One of my first shows was seeing them open for Kreator at Toad's Place in New Haven in 89. Blew my fucking mind.

  10. loves these guys... thanks for the blast from the past.

  11. Cheers for the cool post! Trying to rebuild the metal collection I foolishly sold for booze money a decade ago, and adding a few unheard gems like this!