Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BLOODCUM death by a clothes hanger LP (1988)

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1.Happily Married
2.Son Of Sam
3.Live To Kill
4.Good Hearted Man
5.Treatment Of Death
6.Death By A Clothes Hanger
7.Belligerent Youth
8.Harassment By Farm Animals
9.First To Die
11.Testing My Doorknob

I admit that I originally bought both Bloodcum records due to them supposedly being the little brothers of Slayer's Jeff Hanneman and Tom Araya. This in fact turned out to be half true, as Tom's Brother John played in Bloodcum. The dude who shared Jeff's last name was just a weird coincidence with no relation. I guess back in the 80's I was also attracted to offensive band names. People are always comparing these guys to the likes of DRI, Cryptic Slaughter, and other crossover bands. I've never gotten that one, the band is pretty much straight up thrash/speed metal. The songs have more of a fast Slayer vibe over anything else (solo's and all). The lyrics are pretty stupid thats for sure, bordering on childish. Who cares though, right? I gave up on lyrics well over a decade ago.
The only bummer about this record is the mastering/mix job, the rest is righteous. Comment if you download please, metalheads are slackers I know.



  1. Uau!
    Thanks a lot for this one and the others!
    If the "half truth" is true it will kick ass for sure.
    cheers from Switzerland!

  2. Ah yes I fell for the Araya/Hanneman story as well when I bought this fresh out of high school! I too agree with the Cryptic/DRI comparison.....HUH WTF! Thanks for all your killer posts!

  3. thanks man! your blog is my favorite on the web. I appreciate the metal

  4. I've been wanting to hear this for ages. This is a truly fabled band. Kind of seems like a much more speed metalled out Attitude Adjustment to me. Aside from the eight grader on one-to-many pixie stix style lyrics, this is great. I love the shitty production.

    Do you have any Soothsayer (Canada) stuff?

  5. I nevr got to hear this one, I saw ads for it in alot of zines but did I buy it? No,

    Thanks alot

  6. Hmmm...Attitude Adjustment? I wish, they are totally one of my favs.

    bloodcum were a five piece when they recorded this LP. by the time the record came out they were a 3 piece, and were crediting so and so "homo" on drums, etc.

  7. Kick ass thrash man. Thanks for putting this one up!

  8. yea, they were pretty average, even at the time.

    it's not bad, though

    what an ugly cover, haha, i guess it was a requirement for putting out LPs on Wild Rags, it had to be a crappy cover art


  9. i had this 'back in the day, and my album cover was camoflauge(sp)
    yeah lame ass lyrics, but so what , when your hpped up on beer an pot who cares,
    we grew up on a lot of the same stuff andi really appreciate your posts

    here a request, rae and obscure
    chicago band-

    Amnesty or

    A Life Of Crime


  10. Pretty awesome album. I actually really enjoyed the lyrics, particularly on the title track. Awesome blog, I've gotten some good stuff off here!

  11. Nano
    that record you had was the bootcamp record. It was the demo I believe.

    I'm listening to Zoetrope's "crime" lp right now. I think that will go up...

  12. Thanks! Great stuff! Death by a Clothes Hanger (the song) sounds like a Slayer/Suicidal Tendencies cross.

    Just found your site, really like what you've been putting up, and your comments. You're my fave since somethingilearnedtoday shut down. And you're more metal. I'm also looking for someone posting metalcore and grindcore, if you know any good links!

  13. The lyrics were spot on for me in 1988, I wasnt a psycopath, i wasnt sick, i wasnt crazy, etc....
    silly as hell now, tho. Thanks for dredging this up.

  14. Been trying since last night to write a retraction. I've looked deeper on this site, found the Nausea, Neurosis, Prime Evil, Atavistic, and of course Fear of God! Awesome stuff, can't say enough to appreciate you!

  15. I remember one of the better local record shops promoting this as being Slayer's brothers. Been after this for a while.

  16. Im one of the orginal guitarist for Blodcum we still jam here and there the new music is great, modern heavy its all fun:::love the great feedback here...great to hear people wanna t hear about roots n shit ....we were there for all the Slayer beginnings:::we are gonna write a book and let all y'all know how it really went down ::: we have all the real dirt!!! we saw the birth of all those great songs and how they were made, they were our greatest mentors, so when people compare us to them its the greatest compliment...they showed us how to write metal if any band was gonna be critized for sounding like slayer ::well "fuck" sure it was us we came outta the same garage what do u expect:::we are are proud of thier success and hold the Slayer flag high!! sure our stuff was goofy but it was always meant to be goofy producing an album was never supposed to happen ...shit we didnt even own equipment,,,the music on death by a clotheshanger was made with same guitar equipmest Slayer used for Hell Awaits:::they pretty much encouraged us to make it:::we continue to jam purely for shits n giggles and when Slayer comes to town we raise our beers high and are extremely proud that we had a small part in thier success!! (((long live Javier Araya)))) go!!! Thine Eyes Bleed!!!!
    -George n the rest of Bloodcum

  17. great album... 1st and the last song are terrible...i skip them when i listen this album.. but the rest of them kick ass!! yes,lyrics are a bit childish, these guys were just screwing around and it turned out into this master-piece.. just listen to Sike-O-Path!! so ful of energy, you just can't stay calm when you listen to it... :D very very good album

  18. Thanks for the downloads,I downloaded Satan's Court in the Act too because every member of Cannabis Corpse told me to last night,so,I did,and found some other sweet albums.Thanks!

  19. I got this on vinyl when it first came out. I always thought it sounded like a hardcore version of Slayer. It,s been a while since I"ve heard this. Thanks for all your posts they rule

  20. Havent heard this since '89, I actually forgot they existed. Thanks for posting.

  21. thanks for the post

  22. Meh...the lyrics aren't so bad. It may be somewhat childish but at least it's PISSED!

  23. Just so you jack holes know Jeff was my blood brother. Along with Johnny, Tom and Gorge H. we spilled in the club Horizon. To Bad we never recorded Charlie Cant Surf. and to bad papsmear never recoreded that was Jeff / Rocky G and Dave L. but if you want you can try some on NON CON