Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TYSONDOG-eat the rich 7" (1983)

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2.dead meat

Tysondog were from the UK, and on this, the bands first release, play some great NWOBHM metal that has proved that they had indeed influenced the likes of Manowar, and Anthrax's fistful of metal. Epic, and melodic is how I would describe this bands true metal sound. The band supposedly named the band after one of the members dogs, Tyson.
Another Neat rec ep that I came to collect when I was young, and when metal was still young. This ep makes me remember when metal was refreshing.

dead meat
Iron maiden calls your bluff, stands in line
To do her stuff, fools believe the lies she
Spun, fly the flags for she’s the one, a
Lying deceiver, but fools believe her, she
Can’t revive dead meat.

Promised favours broke in two, looks your
Way but sees right through, thought her
Different you knew best, shuttered eyes
Just like the rest, there all same, they
Share the blame, they still can’t revive dead

Wont be broken stands her ground, wont
Give up the power she’s found, drags a
Nation to its knees, only she knows what
She sees, there all the same, they share
The blame, she still can’t dead meat.


  1. These guys are pretty intense. Great post man, got anything else by them?

  2. Thanks for posting! Looking forward to listening to this one!!

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  4. Great post/ep! Thanks a million for the effort of turning me on to stuff I never heard. you are the best

  5. nice!!!!

    do u have the 84' beware of the dog? It kick ass!

  6. Nice! do u have the 84' beware of the dogs? it kick ass!

  7. HAha sorry for double post, i tought it didnt not work first time.