Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PRIME EVIL-the manifestation demo (1988)

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1.Venomous moleculi
2.the manifestation
3.realities complete
4.sin of innocence

More brutal awesomeness from these N.Y. State metal dudes. I posted the bands first demo a few months ago, Its a monster. This second demo still has a heavy Slayer reigning blood influence, with perhaps a hint of Whiplash? Fast metal with an incredible drum sound, and vox with minimal effects, etc. Its Insane to me that these guys never did a proper release. This is an A+, under the radar thrash metal demo for sure. The only bummer is that there are only four songs on it. This was a perfect tape for blasting out of the tape deck of my old 1967 dodge dart, the tape was made for a muscle car.



  1. Sick sweet fast thrash.

  2. I saw these guys, and bought this demo tape from them in around 1989. You and I would probably went to some of the same shows. Did you ever see them in the city?
    sooooo good man. Thank you for the memories.
    -carl ss

  3. Carl did you play in any bands back then?

  4. Wow, am I glad I came across your blog. I downloaded No Mercy, Infest, Lifes Blood, Attitude Adjustment, Corrupted Morals, White Pigs, Agression, No Fraud, Citezens Arrest and Satanic Malfunctions ALL TODAY! What a great service you're doing. Thank you.

  5. KILLER!!!! THANKS!!!!

    I wanna request MORE stuff, can you also make the older stuff(on yer page) availble for download?


  6. Thank you. Stumbled onto your blog through some links. Cool stuff here.

  7. I like that cover, looks really wild. I believe this is one of the first times I see a cover of a 80's underground Metal cassette in red rather than the regular black or white.

  8. invalid file
    could you re-upload this?

  9. Wow excellent men thanks really thanks I love this guys because they an excellent music composer and the performance always is great.