Friday, March 7, 2008

HEIBEL-yeah, everythings great LP (1986)

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1. It Has No Value For Me
2. Fuck Your Propaganda
3. Can't You See What's Happening
4. Zwembroeken Thrash
5. School
6. Puberstrijd
7. We Are Against You
8. Apartheid
9. Forget It
10. Gninraw
11. Time to Change
12. Who's the Terrorist
13. Now You're a Big Boy
14. Live Your Own Life
15. Slave

These punk thrashers were from Belgium,and I'm doubting to many people remember them. I originally bought this LP because I thought that that part of Europe was all pretty much the same. Sorry... Yup, thought they were kraut related, and anyone that reads this blog knows that I have a weakness in my heart for Germans, and thrash. The members of this band were between the ages of 16-19 when this LP was recorded, just pups. The band were a straightedge band, though musically or lyrically you couldn't tell. I used to trade letters and got this record from the singer, Bollie. The songs on this obscure and under rated LP are all pretty fast except for the opening first song. The others are all faster than the sound of light. The songs mostly all time in at around 2 mins or more, which is of course long for a hardcore punk band, but works well. The production is raw as hell, and works well with the solos and shit, keeping this from ever feeling metal. Enjoy and comment!


  1. thanks so much, I've been for this for a damn long time! great up!

  2. Again, thanks for all the great music you've posted! This one was killer.

  3. I know these guys personally.
    Did you know they are 3 brothers?
    Bollie is the odd one out.
    The Bro's are still making music.
    They are torturing their instruments in a band called Cabron, which is a Stoner Rock combo.
    You can read and hear all about it on their site

    They put Belgium on the map Hard Core wise along with the likings of Zyklome A and Koyaanisqatsi.
    Also friends of mine ;-)

    I hope this info has enlightened some of you true Punk and Metal fans out there.

    Thanks for this awesome blog.

    Phil (from Belgium)

  4. This is great. There's so much stuff on here that's new to me. Thanks Nate!

  5. Phil I had no idea they were three brothers... thats pretty rad. thanks for the info. Nate

  6. How have I never heard of this?? fucking rad mate! thank you again

  7. From what I've heard, singer Bollie committed suicide a few years ago...

  8. I still have this LP in my collection. I'm sure I must have discovered the band in the pages of Maximum RnR. Back then anything relating to European hardcore was almost an automatic purchase. Great stuff...thanks for the memories.

  9. hello, i'm from brazil.thanks for songs total thrash hard crazy.......................thnaks

  10. @anonymous
    i cant believe bollies dead...we used to be very close for a couple of years skating and going to shows together - he was like the funniest and most positive guy ever even when he quit straight edge and the scene and got into hiphop after a longer and hardcorewise pretty disappointed travel all over california in the late 80's - i cannot recall why we lost touch really - probably because he went into a different direction then i did...still he was never really forgotten and every now and then i was wondering whatever happened to my brother in belgium...damn...

  11. Not so many Thrash Metal here.Some harsh Hardcore.But quite enjoyable.

  12. Live they were insane and energetic. When the record came out it was a little too metal for my taste.

    Sorry to hear that Bollie died; that whole Belgium crew back then was a lot of fun with their antics in the pit.

  13. sorry to hear about Bollies death. Sad indeed. He left a great record behind that will forever document hardcore crossover. R.I.P.


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  15. Hey guys,
    just stumbled upon this blog,
    nice to see there are still people who seem to appreciate the heibel albums.
    At the moment I'm working on a website (myspace) where I'm gonna post everything related to the band me and my brothers started back in 1985..: HEIBEL
    Anyone interested can always contact me at
    I'm very interested in all those people who might still have some rare photo's of heibel and/or some audio stuff.
    Meanwhile anyone interested can always take a look at the band Erwin (older brother and bassplayer during heibel) and me are doing at the moment, CABRÓN
    No hardcore or thrash but still a very energetic liveband.
    Jo Reynders (drummer Heibel)

  16. I caught Heibel playing with LArm and Heresy in Paisley (near Glasgow) in 1987. It changed my life and a lot of others who were there and helped build the scene in west coast Scotland. Gone, perhps. Forgotten? No.

    Thanks for the post, a precious document.

  17. Twin Uzis in HyruleJanuary 27, 2009 at 2:53 PM

    Hey just wanted to thank you for this's been kicking my arse all morning.

  18. I love this record.
    My uncle gave it to me when I was 19.
    I can"t believe these dudes where from Diepenbeek.