Friday, February 22, 2008

ATAVISTIC-equilibrium 7" (1987)

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1.half life
2.means to an end
3.perpetual motion

This is one noisy as hell record. Atavistic were a U.K. crustcore band from the 80's who released this great 7", and another thats called "life during wartime". They later put out a LP that I recall being very disappointed in(they started going for a Motorhead vibe). This rare ep came out on Looney Tunes, and has pretty much been forgotten in time. Both their two 7"s rank up there with the crusty greats (Deviated Instinct, Amebix, etc). This shit was a bit harsher then most the other English bands of the era... A serious wall of heavy, brutal & raw noise is the only way to describe these gents. Each song has some echo guitar leads that just shreek with raw power. This stuff is so raw I can see some black metal fans appreciating it.
I got this as an alternate record when I was ordering punk records from blacklist mailorder out of S.F. in the late 80's or early '90. I remember being semi bummed that I got this when I put it on my turntable back then. Guess it was to heavy/metal for me. Play this shit loud, its just noise.


  1. PERFECT!!!
    thankyou for this. I have never heard this raw noise!

  2. Hey Nate, I had gotten this from somewhere else but your rip is better. Many thanx from a big time looney tunes fan.

  3. yeah, AWESOME stuff, i have original life during wartime 7'' from back in times, one of my fave records ever, this first 7'' is kick ass, but life during wartime is even more extreme. great blog, let me know if you want trade link with mine (mostly about 80's former yugoslavian hc/punk/underground that have i grown up with).

  4. they were great...totally underrated crust.

  5. I got this one too, fucking BRUTAL!!

  6. I heard of this band before, but never got the chance to actually listen to their work, if it as raw as you say it is certainly going to be a good addition to my library.