Friday, February 1, 2008

KORROZIA METALLA-orden satani LP (1988)

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3.Viking and a Sword in Storm
5.Black Terror

Well, I picked this LP up because of the fact that the song titles looked VERY foreign to me, or Eastern European... and that used to be a rarity for any extreme music. These guys are/were indeed Russian. The cover is pretty sick looking, with the logo that is half swiped from Kreator, and half ripped from Maiden. The music is tooth and chip thrash with lots of solos thrown in. The vocals are almost more of a tough type hardcore style, but match the music appropriately enough.
Unfortunately only one original member remains in this band, and he's some sort of weird nationalist. This is still a great album, and very Obscure.


  1. hey please link to my site. i already put yours on mine.

  2. That's "tooth chippin' thrash" buddy. haha

  3. tooth chippin',,, you are correct Jeff. Thanks.

    Sound and Fury, you are linked my friend!

  4. Hey!
    It`s a classic album from my country!

    The founder member of band - Pauk (Spider in english) became a nazi around 1993-1994. After that Korrozia began to SUCK...
    He was one of the candidates to be a mayor of Moscow in 1994\95, dont remember.
    Bandname translates CORROSION OF METAL.
    In 83-85 they Named ВИЙ (VII), its a name of demon from book of Gogol`, native russian writer from 19 century.

  5. Then...
    KM started as raw heavy metal band, transformated to the thrash, then death-thrash, then mid tempo punkish\oi-influenced thrash (not bad!), and then kinda a crappy pop nazi rock.
    Now, Pauk is a manager of russian rammstein-like all-female band BELYI MEDVED` (White Bear).

    Imho, Im think this album one of the best that was released in 80s in russia. In 1987 there were only 2-5 in my country bands who can be comparable to the this extreme thrash : Front, Scaffold... and maybe something else...

  6. Hey, cool blog! I don't really like Korrozzia that much, total Nazies! But check out my site for some more Soviet metal!

  7. this is their pre racist shit... diff line up.

  8. The main Nazi was the band's founder. They were always sketch. Their classic "Kill To Sunarefa" (racist anthem promoting violence towards "darkies") was debuted on 1992's "Sadism". On the album before that - "Russian Vodka", there is a song called "KKK". On the album before Russian Vodka, "Cannibal", there is a picture of KKK robed men on the back. This band's redemption value = LOW. This band is to Russian thrash metal what Screwdriver is to Oi.

  9. From what I know (only from other Soviet metal heads), is that the band were not a Nazi band at all in the beginning (on this LP), and that two members ended up leaving due to the main founders beliefs becoming more and more right winged.

    The first skrewdriver LP is a great classic punk record, and has no racist ideology whatsoever on it.

  10. I would argue there at tons of better punk and oi records than All Screwed Up. But yeah, on this Korrozzia LP there is nothing overtly NS.

  11. I meant there are tons of classic punk and Oi records better than All Screwed Up.

  12. Oh really Emil. Can you give us an exact number please - how many records exactly are better than All skrewed up. I would love to know.

    Horrible LP, made me laugh pretty much when I heard it. No wonder the guys were nazis.

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  14. Hey thanks I have been wanting to hear these guys for ages. I read in interviews the guys in Nifelheim etc... worship this band. I have been interested to hear them ever since.

    Thanks mate.

    - Dale

  15. Have that on fucking vinyl, awesome album

  16. Korrozia Metalla in 80's was not be nazi band.
    Its misunderstanding.
    They was be the left and anticlerical band with lyrics about satan and evil in the 80's.
    1st album from 1988 is typical left, anti-christian, thrash metal album.
    2nd album from 1989 "Russian Vodka" dont include rasist lyrics too. "KKK" song is anti-rasist song. In this song is text "Cu clux clan is a genocide" etc.
    3rd album from 1992 dont include rasist lyrics too.
    First Korrozia Metalla album with nazi and rasist lyrics is album from 1995. But this is another style than earlier albums - this is not metal, its grindcore/punk/industrial. This lyrics is provocation. Korrozia Metalla are not fascists and rasists.
    This is provocation, like punk rockers from Sex Pistols - one musican was have got t-shirt with swastica, but they was be anti-fascists, and typical anarchists and the left.
    I like olny 1st and 2nd albums.
    Sorry for mistakes - i'm from Poland, my english is not perfect.
    I am metalhead-thrasher and i have got anti-clerical, anti-christian, anti-racist, anti-fascist and the left views.