Thursday, February 21, 2008

WARFARE Noise filth & fury 7" (1984)

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1.burn the kings road
2.the new age of total warfare
3.Noise filth & fury

This three piece were from England and formed in the early 1980's. Some Seriously great metal with a punk influence (short songs, minimal solos, etc). If your a fan of Tank, Venom, or Motorhead then you'll need this. The band shared members with, and had records produced with dudes from the aforementioned bands. This ep came out on Neat, and has guest guitar appearances from Mantis(yeah, wow right? he he he). Old demi gods!
In the early 80's I was buying all the Neat records eps, but I guess I stopped because I just got sick of not enough songs on the records, so I was then buying all LPs. These 7"s got pretty trashed, some I lost the covers for, used the records as ashtrays, etc. Total idiot move, as I've found myself rebuying them now for about 10x the prices I paid for them back in the day ($2.75). Turn it up!


  1. great! dirty punkish metal, thanks!

  2. Where are these guys from? They play some fuckin great ass metal. Thanks for putting this one up?

  3. glad you dig it.

    Mike they were from the UK


  4. holy shit! this is great! I appreciate the ep. I need more by them

  5. Fuck yeah! Warfare is awesome. I think their drummer used to play for Chaotic Dischord and some other old punk bands

  6. I remember reading that Evo (drums/vox) was in the ANGELIC UPSTARTS for a while... I think they had a shitload of drummers though.

  7. this is great!
    thanks for posting it.

  8. FUCKING WARFARE! One of my favorite bands for years. They should have been much huger. Drummer/vocalist Evo played in loads of punk bands including other lost classics The Blood.

  9. warfare were from the north east of were neat records, and venom

    awesome, been after some warfare for years as i sold everything i had by them years ago.

    just grabbing this single and pure filth album and mayhem album

    just got to find the rest

  10. do you own a copy of warfare's mayhem fucking mayhem or metal anarchy?
    if yes would you mind ripping them?
    thanks a ton for this!

  11. YES! Love this single, mine is long gone.