Saturday, February 9, 2008

COVEN-blessed is the black LP (1987)

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1.Blessed Is The Black
3.Burn The Cross
4.Out Of The Grave
5.Rock This Church
6.Iron Dick
7.The Monger
8.McDonaldland Massacre
9.Another Life
10.Creature Of Duty (And My Duty Is Death)

These metalheads were from Seattle and formed in around 1985, and put out a number of LPs, this one being the bands debut.
This LP came out on the Ever Rat/Medusa label, and shouldn't be taken to seriously by thrash fanatics. Some of the lyrics could have only been written in the good 'ol 80's. "Iron Dick", is just ridiculous and borderlines on flat out absurd. I think what attracted me to this LP initially were the vocals. They border on over the top at times. On the first song They totally remind of of Paul Baloff's mighty efforts on "bonded by blood".


  1. thanks for the upload, nate. the ballads are terrible, but the rest of it has a certain charm (dumb lyrics aside).

  2. Argh! Do want... Wish I had bandwidth... Great blog