Thursday, February 14, 2008

TOXODETH-mysteries about life and death Tape (1989)

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2.the beacon
4.visit of the dead
5.doom predictions
8.seeing to our ages
9.tales from beyond

This is a brutal classic Mexican metal release, that verges on technical death/thrash (what with all of the guitar solos, and guitar god riffing). The recording is totally raw & evil sounding, and sounds as though it was recorded in a dark black cave in one take. The vox border on pre black metal. It's Hard to believe these guys were a 3 piece, and had been around since 1983. This has some elements of Possessed for sure.
The cover art is great, so minimalistic and gloomy looking.
Mexico has always been a place with millions of underground metal supporters, I guess its just rare that you hear of a Mexican band in the USA. Obscure and Classic. Originally I bought a copy of this at ERL Records in Albany NY. Dave and Jack used to call me up when they'd get some metal collections in the store. There was a guy who was an older state worker (like 40 years old, in 1991), he would bring in all this weird metal,and was knowledgeable of it all. He was totally straight looking, but into some brutal gruesome stuff. Jack and Dave would let us smoke and drink in the store... the place was amazing.


  1. Wow, this is fucking great man! I'd seen this record in local stores here for years and years. Never had the balls to take a chance on it, now I wish I'd gotten it. fuck, this is great

    thanks for all your post and the energy you put into this blog. I check it daily.

  2. that´s the way a ha a ha i like it - timo

  3. The bassplayer it's also in "Maligno"

  4. my best friend Brian and I found a copy of this for $3 at Trash American Style in Danbury and bought it because we couldn't get over the name/cover of the album, the Alf sticker on Raul Guzman's guitar or the fact that the fucking band was called ToxoDeth. I remember being very excited then very confused when Brian dropped the needle. The drums sounded out step with the guitar and I could barely understand what was going on. Though it never really was much more than a record we'd put on as a joke from time to time, it wasn't totally terrible either. Referencing the lyrics "bodies in the graveyard" "secrets known only to man" or whateve they are still brings a smile to my face. Glad to see this record made the jump to digital.

    I have never heard any other records on the Wild Rags label.

  5. thank you very much, i wanted to hear this since i read a review in a fanzine 18 years ago!!!

  6. picked this one up on vinyl years ago after seing it in the shop so many times i got tired of it. think the ALF sticker was the clincher for me, also the other dude sporting a NIHILIST shirt. love the cover and the title, not so hot on the actual record.

  7. Fuck yeah man! Thanks for this post mate :D
    Cheers >:)