Monday, February 18, 2008

NO FRAUD s/t 7" (1986)

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2.don't let me grow old
3.thinking of you
6.nothing left inside
7.suicidal maniac
8.its all economic

No Fraud were a wicked fast diy hardcore band from Venice Florida, who played a skate styled punk that had no metal influences at all. I originally bought this record through the mail when I lived in Livermore, and would read MRR reviews, and scoured the pages for ads that caught my eye. I sadly sold the ep in my first purge of selling off parts of my record collection in the early 90's. I have no idea what I was thinking, and have been looking for it for years since then. Recently I was totally stoked to pick this up at the wfmu record fair in nyc, It made my day for sure.
Side two of this ep is amazing, totally blazing hc that reminds me in some ways of early RKL. The song wastecase on side one is great as well, bringing me back to my youth in the 80's. The band did some early demos that are fucking brilliant too. I'll post one of those someday on here as well. This is pretty rare, and came out on No Club records. Enjoy!


  1. This is a great ep.

    This is a god-damned great site!!!

    If you have any Dehumanizers to post that would be cool!

    Thanks for all the music and background information.

  2. Great No fraud rules,

    thanx man,

    I've seen you were close friend of Andy Anderson from Attitude, so I wonder if you ever listen to the album he recorded with the Broken Bones members, a band they called ANDY ANDERSEN'S TRIBE, I've been looking for it, but no luck.


  3. Haizman
    you should download the senseless death comp, that has a couple Dehumanizers songs on it. thanks

    I wasn't close friends with Andy, he would sell me records at a record store he worked at is all. I've never heard the record your talking about. sorry.


  4. NICE! I didn't think anyone else cared about this record! My cousin lived in Sarasota for a while and when i would visit we would call on Dan from NF to see what was happening in the area. You should check the Pagan Faith record on No Clubs too. It is thrashy-metal-ish punk that is 1. underrated 2. easy to find in most dollar bins. Hey are you maybe going to post the Belching Penguins LP? I love that shit! Oh back to NF, one of my trips to Florida I picked up the NF, Hard to the Core LP and reviewed it for my high-school newspaper and then later that year my High School hosted a lip-sync contest wherein me and some pals tried to do Blowin’ Chunks but we were rejected…fuckin pigs.

  5. man that pagan faith ep is obscure. tony is right though, its pretty rad, and easily found without paying ebay prices.
    this blog rules. please post more old punk singles. I love the white pigs, and no fraud best out of anything else you've ever posted. Keep up the great work! more punk please!

  6. I grew up in Florida and had the pleasure of seeing this band many times. Once Dan Destructo even had a broken leg but performed with more energy than the best frontmen. No Fraud still plays, and not in some lame let's relive the big game way, they never stopped!!! Thanks for this, this is rapidly becoming my favorite site on the ol' interweb.

  7. Oops I though you were a friend of Andy, anyway that band I told you must have been some kind of Attitude meets Discharge or something like that, is from We Bite records I think,


  8. Thanks for the cool ep. This is a great blog, please keep it up.

  9. could you up the NF demos? I used to see these guys frequently in the 80's and had all the bands recordings, but lost it over the years.
    I did find like half of the 1st demo on another blog, but it would be nice to have it in full. Thanks-Kevin/Tampa

  10. Check my blog for the No Fraud demo tape (btw, there's also the KILLER White Pigs demo available)

  11. I checked your blog, but your blog only has like half the songs from that demo, right?
    Please post the full demo if you have it gloom666, I love these guys, and need all the bands songs.

    xKevin Tylerx

  12. is there something you want in return for this stuff man? is there a way to thank you for being so rad?
    fuck money. im talking about shit that matters
    local demos of rad bands? more obscure shit for you to listen to/review/post? homemade cookies?????

    i fucking love this ep - got it at a punk rock yard sale in boston and lost it to a shitty ex boyfriend. thank you so much for posting this! and everything else!

  13. i love cookies!!!
    glad you are digging the blog, and the music. important stuff for sure. thanks for commenting. it means a lot. Nate

  14. I grew up in Sarasota and saw these guys many times, I even had them play at a party of mine once. Kick ass band for a kick ass party. Imagine No Fraud playing in the woods, while people moshed around a huge bonfire.

  15. Hi guys,

    I saw you have mentioned ANDY ANDERSEN'S TRIBE LP, and I would like to know if someone got this record.

    Tks Marcelo

  16. I found the Andy Andersen's Tribe lp in Japan today for 300 yen