Thursday, February 14, 2008

DED ENGINE s/t LP (1985)

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2.kings of the city
6.take a hike
8. young hot
9.reighn of terror
10.'till deaf do us part

These dudes were from Lansing Michigan, and played an American NWOBHM style of heavy metal. Think the 1st Anthrax LP(fistful of metal), Armored Saint, and Manowar and you'll have a pretty good idea of what these bros sounded like. This came out on Pentagram records. I recently got a copy of this from my car mechanic, Derrick who also went to the same high school as me. Derrick played in a band called Militia, but has no interest in metal anymore, he was happy to give me a stack of old metal LPs.
Another record that I was originally turned onto by my high school pal/band mate Pat Janedlo. Looking back at this, this record sounds like it should have come out in 1983, as most metal bands were doing the thrash thing.

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  1. This is fucking great! I grew up in Lansing, and am shocked that I never knew about these guys. Thanks for the Kool-Ade Kids you posted, too!

  2. Wow!! I and I think everyone in my high school had this record for some reason. I saw it everywhere but I don't ever remember them playing here. Cant wait to hear it again!

  3. about as metal as one can get :-) really like it - timo

  4. I love it! Rare old school metal is one of my passions. Do you have any of their other recordings?

  5. Never heard of these guys, killer band. Just discover your blog, some great stuff here. Thanx for this one!

  6. I grew up in Lansing, too...the real "get", though would be their 7" of "Renegade/b/w/South of Hell", which was probably out around '82 or '83.

    I think the LP didn't come out until '85 because they were dirt-poor!

    I used to go see them at all-ages metal shows at armories and town halls and stuff. They were sort of the gods of the local scene...such as it was.

    They would always have these banners at the local rock when I saw Priest in '82, they had a big banner that said :"Ded Engine welcomes Judas Priest to Lansing" LOL.

    Their bass player, Marky DeSade was about the coolest guy I ever saw at the time. Kind of a metal version of a cross between Sid Vicious and Keith Richards. I think he moved to New York and got in Smashed Gladys, then died.

    (Just discovered the blog, if you're wondering why I am just now commenting!)

  7. Could you re-upload please mediafire link is dead.