Sunday, February 17, 2008

NAUSEA-crime against humanity LP (1991)

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1.mind dead
2.blind point of discharge
3.system breakdown
4.production ends
5.make more profit
6.enemy alliance
7.dreams and prophecies

This should not be confused with the Crusty NYC punk band. This shit here is fanfuckingtastic molten metal grindcore from L.A.. The band featured the frontman Oscar Garcia of Terrorizer on vox. That being said everyone expects more than anyone can really deliver, as "world downfall" is just one of the greatest grind records of all time. The vox on this one are really the only thing that is similar to terrorizer at all. The songs are much longer, and sometimes slower and heavier. Don't fret though, there are still plenty of blast beats, and even a few crust parts as well. The over all production on this is so bass heavy that it gives the feel of the record a totally doom/gloomy dark feeling. These dudes recorded many demos, and did a few other records. They actually formed in the mid 80's out of the death of a band called Majesty. The song Enemy alliance is actually a old Majesty tune.
I discovered these guys through my love and awe of Terrorizer. The first thing I heard by them was the demo split with terrorizer. Sadly I no longer have that one, it was lost in the purge of '93. Enjoy.


  1. always read the bands name i n connection with terrorizer , but never came round to actually listen to them , so thanks again to you . it has become a regular habit to check your blog and i am so grateful for a the great stuff you introduced me to - timo

  2. by the way , if you just want the mp3 version of their split demo with terrorizer , it´s posted by erich over at the good bad music blog - timo

  3. great shit man, been searching for this for a while. I only have the tape... nice to have this great record on mp3. your blog makes my head hurt. thanks
    carl ss

  4. Hi friends , I do not have words to be thankful for plus this pearl… thanks a lot!

  5. Omigosh, this is fucking incredible! Thank you, thank you!

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this record!!!

  7. I searching for this stuff many years .... thanks man ... old times...great times!!!!!

  8. hi thanks for the post... i wonder i somebody know where can i get some majesty materia i really want to listen to them, mi mail is

  9. thank you very much for both nausea uploads!