Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sacrifice- forward to termination LP (1987)

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1. Forward To Termination / Terror Strikes
2. Re-Animator
3. Afterlife
4. Flames Of Armageddon
5. The Entity
6. Forever Enslaved
7. Cyanide
8. Light Of The End
9. Pyrokinesis

I initially bought the Sacrifice record due to one of the dudes on the back cover wearing an Agnostic Front t shirt (cheesy I know), and another dude wearing a Death shirt. I was sort of distancing myself from most metal at this time in my life, and embracing hardcore punk full on. So for me to buy metal at this time, was rare and sort of a "hidden" type of treasure that I still secretly was enjoying.
Sacrifice were from Canada, and played a ripping style of my favorite type of metal ever.... German styled Thrash in the vein of Destruction, Kreator, Sodom. Brilliant stuff that still gets me everytime (20 years later). I love the vox, and the horse trots.


  1. I love this album! Total Slayer worship as well but done respectively. I saw them on this tour and there was like 15 people there. They still killed!

  2. hey do u remember a band out of canada called 'beyond possession'
    they had 1 album that i cant find called 'beyond possession'

  3. thanks this rips!!
    that romper room rejects tape does too but i can't seem to comment that post
    by the way can you repost the possessed '84 demo because it's not working

    thanks for all the great posts!

  4. Man i love this record. I love the cover of this one too. seems like all the album covers were black and red at that time. This one stood out for sure. This is a fuckin brutal, aggressive record. It was one of those records that would always have me thrashin around the room from start to finish.

    Beyond Possession were great too. i have the album on cassette - "Is Beyond Possession" is the title. they didn't have any info inside (ie lyrics, band members, etc) and i guess thats supposed to be where "Beyond Possession is beyond possession" comes from. Don't really know how to desribe it or who to compare it to. Maybe like Cryptic Slaughter - tighter and heavier. and the vox kinda remind me of Agnostic Front. Anywho its a fuckin classic hardcore metal record. I've seen it available for download on a few blogs..

  5. This album is etched into the subliminal consciousness of every Canadian metalhead... Amazingly enough they have a new album. I'm trying to decide whether it's more like this one or the sort of boring album ("Apocalypse Inside") that came after it...

  6. I bought this record for the same reasons you did. The Agnostic Front and Death t-shirts. It may be silly, but it was a way of parsing out who the shitty bands were. Sometimes it worked out. I figured that if they listen to cool shit, then they might be cool too. !!

    I've been rockin' to this record since it came out.

  7. Excellent bro, thanks for sharing, this guys really rock.