Friday, September 14, 2007

Code Of Honor- beware the savage jaw LP (1984)

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1.beware the savage jaw
2.I killed the dove
5.the ballad of one-eyed jack and the backhand man
6.too much for one man
7.not if I can help it of the others
9.don't tell me
10.waiting always room to cry
12.this day

Okay, Its been a while since I did any blogging, and I'm sorry for neglecting you freaks...Been busy with planning a wedding, and selling shit on ebay. At any rate, when punks think of Code Of Honor they usually think of the early stuff. I do as well, I am sorta a punk, duh. I love this Album though, I guess it took me over twenty years to finally really appreciate it. I remember when I first bought it I thought they turned to poserdom and wimped out like most bands finally do. Whatever the case this is a rockin album, and has some very memorable tracks that have a sorta Killed by Death meets some Goth production. This is the third time I've owned the LP, as I've purged it from collection twice in the past. Never again.., I find myself spinning this more than the Sick Pleasure split LP.


  1. excelente disco, muy buen sitio, me gusta el true punk blackmetal
    gracias y saludos

  2. I've always loved the picture on the album cover - very punk rock!

  3. Yet another hardcore band I've been dying to get anything by. Their song on "Not So Quiet..." is pretty amazing. I like this album a lot. Reminds me of Black Flag in their Loose Nut/In My Head phase.

  4. you should check out the split LP with Sick Pleasure. amazing stuff.

  5. I feel like I owe you my left arm! Seriously, I've been looking for this in an mp3 format for years now! This album saved me from the haro-metal prison I was in, back in '84. I really can't thank you enough. Thou hast done a good work!!

    God Bless ya!!

  6. "WHOO OOO Laissez-faire Its not another land its infont of your eyes" hmm have not heard the split since lending it out as a kid but at 41 I remember my favorite song of all time. It's kinda like the ramones "We came across a miracle there was beer in the soda machine. Hmmm