Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Desecration demo (1985)

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2.deaths revenge

Featuring pre Corrupted Morals/ex Possessed members(maybe up to three guys), this demo is a true classic, and its unfortunate to have only 3 songs on it.
I saw these guys once at the Farm in S.F. opening up for some punk hardcore bands with my buddy's Zoran and Kenny Donnovan. We had no idea who these metal heads were, but loved em just the same. I picked this up then.
This stuff has the fixings of Desecrations other bay area counter parts of the time, Sacrilege, Possessed, and Exodus. Features the drummer of Possessed playing as a "session" drummer for this demo. Killer death/thrash that will not disappoint, It sucks they never put out a proper release.


  1. Corrupted Morals and Possessed seem like a strange mix to me! Anyway, thanks for this post!!

  2. i've always dug this thing. fuckin' narly voice, sounds like an insane witch. do you have the other demo with the song "Gay Cowboys In Bondage"?

  3. thanks, really, a lot, for this very classic metal. Please:"cowboys in bondage"?? i beg you...

  4. Ripping thrash, yet another jem. Thanks!

  5. Was the work on the booklet made by yourself or is that how it was released? Because I've seen several cassettes that you post here with a very similar work

  6. If we judge the band by the demo they deserved to get at least 3 LP's out. This is awesome music, and still more bands from the mid 80's are blowing my mind by doing stuff I never thought possible for that date.

  7. I am Bob Yost's, brother. Bob was the singer of the California Desecration. Sadly, Bob passed away in July of this year (2010). But good news, there are plans for a Desecration CD tribute with all demos and some extra gems. I'll keep posting as it gets closer. Just in the early stages right now. Check out the Desecartion facebook page:


  8. Ronnie, sorry to hear about this... total loss man. my heart goes out to your family and everyone that knew and loved Bob.

  9. POSSESSED / DESECRATION Split picture LP OUT NOW on FOAD Records!
    At last, the first of our 4x year-end releases has been delivered at FOAD‘s headquarters and is ready to ship!!
    POSSESSED / DESECRATION Split picture LP (F.O.A.D. 040) is out now, a true jewel of headsmashing Bay Area Death/Thrash from 2 classic bands!

    Possessed’s Demo 1991 for the very first time on vinyl adding a handful of bonus tracks that were completely unreleased and never heard before. This record is focused on the line-up featuring Bob Yost (RIP), singer of Desecration and bass player of Possessed’s 1990-1992 line-up, and it’s hands down some of the fastest and sickest Possessed stuff ever recorded. Desecration’s side includes the early demos (“Psycho” and “Cowboys in bondage”) and some unreleased studio outtakes, recorded from 1985 to 1986.. all this for the first time on vinyl. Seminal Bay Area Death/Thrash from the golden times, their cult demo 1985 features Mike Sus (Possessed) on drums! Deluxe picture disc LP with outer die cut sleeve and liner notes written by Bob’s brother Ronnie Yost and Laurent Ramadier (Snakepit). This limited slab of evil Thrash is entirely dedicated to Bob Yost and anticipates a CD boxset on FOAD Records including all Desecration’s recordings (1985-1987) and videos in existence, plus all Possessed’s stuff featuring him on bass.

    Buy it at:

  10. I work with the drummer of desecration and corrupted morals hus name is jose