Monday, August 20, 2007

Angel Witch s/t LP (1980)

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1.Angel witch
3.white witch
7.sweet danger man
9.angel of death
10.devils tower

Angel Witch formed in London in the late 70's under the original name Lucifer, becoming one of the original players of the nwobhm sound.
They always reminded me of a cross between Sabbath and Sweet, heavy but melodic with a catchy element to it. The production on this LP is superb for 1980.
The story goes that A&R guys were at a show to sign them that they played with Maiden in 1979-80, and A.W. had a really off night so Maiden got signed instead. They later signed to Bronze, but never fully recovered from the incident.
I was attracted to the bands covers, and the idea behind them more than the music itself at first. My Brother Brian, and Step brother Ethan would have this LP or a Maiden LP blaring in the back ground as we played Dungeons and Dragons in the early 80's. Stand outs for me on this LP are "Angel Witch", "white witch", and "Sweet danger".

As I walk alone I can feel you there
People said to me
That you've got long black hair

You are the sorceress
I've seen your castle
Oh take me there
And hold your wand up high
A star of spectrum
A rainbow sky

Dancing around your grave
I'm glad you're gone
Can your soul be saved
Go back to where you belong

You walk through the mountain side
Mysterious powers go passing by
A storm is coming near
A soft warm breeze blows through the trees

You're dead!


  1. Classic album!!! This blog fucking rules man, please keep it going, i love reading the little comments that you post with each album almost as much as the music itself! Thanks so much for this incredible blog \m/

  2. the second best nwobhm album ( you just can`t beat maiden`s killers)but with a more sabbathian feeling then their contemporaries - as mark said please keep going man - cheeeers! timo,germany

  3. first song i heard by these guys was the one called "angel witch"..i thought the music was ok,but the wimpy lyrics ("no one could see you the same way as myself..youre the angel i adore"...yuck!!) and singing sounded so wimpy and dokken or something,that i just thought "what a buncha overrated horseshit this is wuss rock garbage"...but of course that isnt the case with the whole thing.

    you have an awesome blog.

  4. Everyone has their own opinion about this music. I think this album fuckin rocks. Atlantis took the gold medal for me. Good shit.

  5. This fucking place rules!!!!!! I've lost a shitload of these records throughout the years....many, many years.........

  6. this album rules. i have a vinyl reissue but can't get it on cd to listen to in non lp places, by which i mean everywhere that isn't my bedroom. this blog fucking rules.

  7. "Angel Witch" is one of my favorite NWOBHM songs of all time! I heard this for the first time last year and I must have listened to this song 1000 times in a week.

  8. thanks a lot great album

  9. I really wanted to like this. The music rocks and rips.......... and then the singer comes in and ruins it. The singer blows.

  10. you really must be a fag!

  11. Link is down, dude.

  12. They always reminded me of a cross between Sabbath and Sweet, heavy but melodic with a catchy element to it.

  13. The amazing performance by the witch attracts all.This was really incredible one.

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