Sunday, August 5, 2007

Juggernaut-baptism under fire LP (1986)

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2.Slow Death
3.Cast the First Stone
4.Rains of Death
5.Cut Throat
6.All Hallow's Eve
7.Burn Tonight
8.Juggernaut (instrumental)
9.Purgatory's Child
11.Hang 'em High

I love this record because It reminds me of a Megadeth LP that should have been made sometime after killing is my business.
Juggernaut were from Austin Texas, and formed in around 1984 (putting out three demos before this the bands first release). These guys have always been labeled a speed metal or thrash metal band, though they really only ever break mid paced speed a few times on this LP. That doesn't stop this stuff from punishing. Totally catchy Metal with ridiculous lyrics.
I was turned onto this record by my high school friend Dave Stevenson. I had played in a band with him, and ended up buying some of his record collection. This LP was among a bunch of punk and hardcore records.


  1. man NOBODY?? your so on the money with the Megadeth comment. i remember first hearing the Blood of Virgins tune on the Metal Massacre LP and thinking it sounded like some of the slower Megadeth tunes (ie Bad Omen, Looking Down The Cross).

    this came to me not long after i heard Helstar - Remnants Of War - and i hear quite a bit of their influence here too. What did yuu think of their 2nd album - Trouble Within?

  2. i always thought they were from San Antonio though cause the singer was from S.A. Slayer..

  3. For the record and to set it straight... We hailed from San Antonio. We we SA Boys! Infact we were quite proud of that and Austin was not a favorite town of ours being that it was more a preppy swine college town (no idea how Jason and Watchtower survived there-credit to them for that). I was the original signer and co-founding member (Scott Wolmack and I founded the band in 1984, 1983 if you count previous incarnations:-) Juggernaut recorded a few demos, and then a full LP for Iron Works in 1985 which to my knowledge was never released (we were displeased with the delay and saught a deal with Metal Blade). Our first actual recorded release came in late 1985 via Metal Blade Records on their "Metal Massacre 7" which featured the family classic "In the blood of virgins". Not long after that we recorded a full LP for Metal Blade entitled "Baptisim Under Fire" which was released in early 1986. During that year we played one show after another including sold out shows with King Diamond. In late 1987 we began writing songs for our second LP, yet when drummer Bobby Jarzombek left the band, I soon followed as finding a replacement for Bobby was not something easily accomplished. 1986 was OUR YEAR TO SHINE! In late 1987 remaining Juggernaut members Scott Wolmack and Eddie Katilus enlisted Steve Cooper on vocals to record the 2nd LP. Though I did not get writing credits, four of the songs from Trouble Within were mine and or co-written between the great Reverand James Satchell and I, but today some 20 years later who cares:) Steve Cooper was a talented volcaist and it was sad to hear of his passing (his best work was with LA Slayer via "The Unholy Book" the likes of which would have even made old Halford envious.

    As a side note, to any of our old fans out there, SA Juggernaut fans were the best-there was not a gig that we played that you did not fully support us. Each of our shows were sold out and left others waiting to get in. For the record, THANK YOU for the devotion you gave us-it did not go un-noticed or unapprecaited! This also goes out to our European fans who never got to see us, but flooded us with fan mail (for which I responded to each and ever one. I know that if we had played overseas, that you would have made us feel like kings-you were that insane and dedicated, thank you!!!)

    Best Regards, Harlan Glenn, former and original Juggernaut frontman-screamer 1984-1987.

  4. Harlan Glenn man, you rule! Juggernaut was way ahead of their day and when they lost you they lost that "sick" "twisted" feeling. If you still got it in the tank, come to EU - we'd love to see you!

  5. I thought they sounded like Nasty Savage, really fun stuff.

  6. Pss just look the cover, it's crap music, the music now it's very depressive and that's why our young people suicide... more and more.