Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adrenalin O.D. HumungousFungousAmongus LP (1986)

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1. A.O.D. vs Son of Godzilla
2.Office Building
5.Pope On A Rope
6.Fishin' Musical
9.Youth Blimp
10Commercial Cuts
13.Crowd Control
14.Velvet Elvis
15.Fuck The Neighbors
16.Surfin' Jew
17.Bruces' Lament
18.The Nice Song

Looking at my blog this morning, I realized I'd been ignoring hardcore and punk for some time, so I've decided to upload the goofy A.O.D.
A.O.D. were from New Jersey and played a wacky brand of hilarious, blazing fast hardcore punk. They also had their own record label called Buy Our Records.
I first heard these guys from a friend of mine named Eric Meade(sp),whom lived around the corner from me on Fell St in S.F. in around 1985. He made me a mixed tape with Incredible East coast bands that I'd yet to hear (SSD, 76% Uncertain, Jerrys KIds, Sacred Denial,etc). I still have the tape. I actually ran into Eric in L.A. working at an Amoeba Records about 2 years ago. It was an incredible coincidence. I owe that dude a lot.


  1. Oi nate, do you have anything trippy and bizarre that wouldn't neccesarily fall under this blog's coverage to contribute to amaging noise? I put the call out for contributions, but as usual have been ignored. Also, I don't have Gen's pass anymore to witbawdtsl...I take it invites will NEVER be fixed...EVER!

  2. do you have any pajama slave dancers?????

    great blog!!!!!

  3. My uncle bruce was A.O.D.'s guitarist and my dad played guitar in 76%Uncertain at one point. im in a band.

  4. Pretty Cool...

    Darkthrone´s Fenriz played the rock n´roll gasstation vinyl in an interview done by the german metal hammer mag. (Quote) Now in know where darkthrone comes from (/quote)

  5. Brilliant post!!!
    This stuff takes me way back...still great today as well.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Not the type of band I normally listen to but am going to this time just because of the cover, it is pretty funny and really gives a felling that they enjoyed doing this.

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