Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beherit-the oath of black blood LP (1991)

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You won't see much from me up here on my blog from the 1990's.... It would have to be a true essential, as this record is.
I rarely listen to all that much black metal these days, as its become pretty com modified within modern culture to me. Shits become some what of a played joke.
I was however lucky enough to be listening to and turned on to these guys, Burzum, Immortal, Dark Throne, Emperor, Mayhem, etc. in the early 90's, as I was doing a music 'zine (Gloom), and was regularly getting this stuff for review purposes. I remember thinking this stuff was crazy, and automatically thinking back to my high school days of Bathory, Celtic Frost, and Hell Hammer. The recording and vocal styles really make this record. It really does sound like it was recorded in hell.

2.Metal of Death
3.The Oath of Black Blood
4.Grave Desecration
6.Goat Worship
8.Black Mass Prayer
9.Beast of Damnation
10.Hail Sathanas
11.Dawn of Satan's Millennium
We'll cause your death
We'll kill Jesus
Rape the dead
We'll spread evil
Grave desecration, grave desecration...
Rape the whores
All night long
Grave desecration, grave desecration...
I go to the graveyard all night long
I go to the graveyard ritual
I go to the graveyard ritual
Grave desecration, grave desecration...
On... Sabbath!


  1. I have their demo on my site...SCOPE IT!!!

  2. Another great upload by you, dude. I love Crust and Black Metal. This blog is my heaven for sure :)

    A wanderer

  3. It's Darkthrone, weird that you know them for so long but still misspell their name ^_^

  4. spelling sux dog cum...
    sorry if it irritates you, but oh fucking well. Nate

  5. Thanks man! I've got my CD at the other end of the continent so it's great to be able to hear it finally!

    As for the spelling of Dark Throne – I've always spelt it like it's written in the logo... ahaha.

    I don't care how the rest of the world or even Fenriz puts it. I trust the logo more!

    (Also if "anonymous" would have been around in early 90s he'd been surprised to see how many zines spelt it like it's in the logo: that kind of sticks to us old-fashioned people...)

  6. hey guys, need your expert opinion.i recently bought a beherit oath of black blood cd. it has no catoalog number and no label name on it. the cover of the cd is white, including the band name and the title of the cd. can anyone tell me which label release it, and whetehr its a re-release or a bootleg? thnaks.

  7. Very nice blog, it's all about the best music! I've been following this genre and I think we need more initiatives like this one to improve this genre. By the way, "Black Mass Prayer" is the nicest track on the list.