Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saint Vitus hollows victim LP (1985)

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1.War Is Our Destiny
2.White Stallions
3.Mystic Lady
4.Hallow's Victim
5.The Sadist
6.Just Friends (Empty Love)
7.Prayer for the (M)Asses

The Fact that Saint Vitus were on Black Flag Guitarist Greg Ginns label, SST always puzzled me as a youth. Of course years later, I get it. By the mid 80's those SST guys pretty much were over punk/hc and were much more into experimental hippie stuff(as it wasn't as restrictive). Saint Vitus sure looked like hippies, but they played a bad ass brand of Doomy, stoner rock thats gone on to influence so many bands and genres even still today.
My fondest memories of listening to and discovering these guys go back about 17 years ago, sitting in my friend Kevin's bedroom (at his parents house of course), smoking bongs, and listening to Saint Vitus over, and over, and over. Get into it man... feel the power.


  1. cheers for the chance to finally check saint vitus out,having only heard the blasting concept vol 2 track years ago,i.ll be playing this to death cheers mate
    winston(nuclear armed hogs)

    ps wicked blog found some gems yer

  2. children of doom , who are your fathers? one of the greatest bands ever! - timo p.s. i agree to winston great blog ,cool anecdotes , excellent choice of music

  3. thank you very much!! a great album!!!

  4. Cheers dude.

    My original CD broke and since that happened I've been missing the times when I hit the bong to that. ;)

  5. great album, scott reagers is better than wino.
    i'm sure 100%.
    this blog is fanstastic!

  6. Your blog is killer. Thanks for posting so much great and or obscure stuff! Takes me back every time!

  7. Hallow's Victim was never on CD and nobody cares about your fucking bong you winking dumb shit.

  8. Awesome, finally get to hear these guys.

    Nice blog and thanks for the gem! Check mine out if you've got the time.