Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Romper Room Rejects-demo (1987)

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1. abortion
2. judgment day
3. Body pile
4. challenger
5. Reagan lies

This demo was recorded at Gilman street by this dude named Brian. Yes, Gilman used to record demos there on its off days back then. They would jst use the sound system and record you live, so there were no over dubs or anything. I played in this band while living in S.F. It was my first hardcore band. Zoran and Myself pretty much started the band. The band had many line up changes through its two years of existence. We started off jamming in my bedroom on 603 Fell street... Zoran played guitar, Michael Roy (from France) played bass, I played drums,and we had numerous singers (sic nic, and Rainer reject). We later met metalhead Kenny, and he Switched to drums, and I took on vocals. We then released a demo, and were featured on a Lethal Noise tape (became Very Small records).

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Romper Room Rejects - demo" Download