Sunday, May 6, 2007

CRUCIFIXION-singles (1980-84)

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1. green eyes
2. jail bait
3. moon rising
4. take it or leave it
5. on the run
6. death sentence
7. the fox

These overlooked U.K. nwobhm pioneers put out 3 singles in the early 80s (one being a 3 song 12"). The band is by far prolly my favorite of the new wave metal sound. I just love the "take it or leave it" single. The songs are A+, and the cover art looks so fucking punk looking. Really not much info known about these guys... they did records on Neat.
There is a rumored demo of the band that I've never heard (1979), that I would kill to have.

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  1. Great blog man. Seems though that this link doesn't work.

  2. what Bart said...

  3. Crucifixion definitely kicked a lot of ass, they played some of the best punk rock/NWOBHM of the day.

  4. i really thank you man, these songs make me born again!

  5. Awesome blog, man! I thank you dearly for all this stuff! could you upload these singles again though? link doesnt work...TY!