Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gauze-fuckheads LP (1984)

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1. Power
2. Fuck Heads
3. One Last Kiss
4. CoreTick
5. Shot
6. Love Song
7. Ghostlike Crime
8. Neurose
9. Suikyo
10. Go

The amazing thing about these Japanese thrashers is that they are still around, and playing the same type of shit as they were in the 80's. This is probably Japan's most famous hardcore/punk band ever. When I visited Japan on an Oath tour I was lucky to meet members of the band, and To watch the interaction between them and other Japanese kids was unreal. People bow to these guys like they are gods, which they are.
I first heard these guys in maybe '89 on the Farewell to arms compilation LP, the four songs had me forever hooked. My friend Louis jacobs was a friend in the Albany area who was buying and trading Japanese hardcore way before it became trendy and cool. He would play me bands and I can remember being like, "what the fuck is this". dude was amazing.

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  1. nate
    you are right. gauze ARE gods. i think it was back around 1996 when they played over here in chicago and mk-ultra opened up for them. they used all of our amps and drums (which to this day can still be seen in lots of photos). it gives me the chills that i was somehow a part of that. they were one of the best bands i have ever seen. on a side note, we had one of our worst performances of all time, haha.

  2. Kick ass band! I was truly addicted to the leather and spike fashion of many of the Japanese acts along with football chanting vocals. I especially loved when only the chorus was in English. Gauze was one my faves. I had no idea they played the States. Must have been awesome.

  3. Hey, I'm new here and this is the first thing I've downloaded from you. I've heard a lot about these guys (is this the band with the crazy GG Allin style singer who'd shoot a flame-thrower at the audience?) Anyway, I really like this - it's a lot more melodic than I was expecting. Good hardcore.

  4. Some Japanese bands make history and work really hard to get things done for them, and I am amazed they are still active after so long, bands like that normally end up splitting after a few years.

  5. I bet that this album raised a little eyebrows back then with that title, I can only wonder how many copies could have been burned when it was "cool" to burn HC, Punk and Metal albums.