Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wehrmacht- beermacht demo (1986)

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1.The Wehrmacht
2.Suck My Dick
3.Night of Pain
5.Gore Flicks

Wehrmacht released a shit load of demos in the 80's, and then two full length LPs. Members lived in both Portland, and Seattle, though when listening to these guys you'd figure they were Bay Area thrashers. Macht played Great thrash that never let up, with tons of wanking solos. I was lucky enough to see them somewhere in S.F. though I can't remember a thing from that night. We would party heavily before shows on these huge stairs and a park behind Broadways the Stone.
After this goofy band split in the late 80's two members went on to form Spastic Blurr, While the drummer took over duties pounding the skins for Cryptic Slaughter.

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