Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Vulcano-bloody vengence LP (1986)

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1.Dominios of Death
2.Spirits of Evil
3.Ready to Explode
6.Death Metal
7.Voices from Hell
8.Bloody Vengeance

Think about what you were listening to in 1986 (if you were even born yet), then listen to this Brazilian brutality. This shit scared the hell out of me when I first heard it. I loved it because It was raw, dark, and VERY evil sounding. Vocally and speed wise, black metal bands from Scandinavia bit off of these guys for sure. The echo on the guitar solos is funny as hell, but rules none the less. Its crazy to me that this is the same band that released the "On Pushne Namah" record... total nwobhm sound w/Portuguese lyrics, not at all the same sounding band.

VULCANO - bloody vengence Download