Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Agent Steel-unstoppable force LP (1987)

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1.Unstoppable Force
2.Never Surrender
4.Chosen to Stay
5.Still Searchin'
6.Rager 04:07
7.The Day at Guyana
8.Nothin' Left

These guys put out a number of albums, this being my favorite (its their second LP). The band played a very powerful brand of speed metal, now considered to play power metal. They started in 1984 in L.A.
Vocally it reminds me of early Queensryke, or Judas Priest. Musically its prolly more like Testament or something (though the dual solos are very Priestish as well). I was turned on to these guys while living in California by my friend Kenny.

AGENT STEEL -unstoppable Download


  1. Funniest singer I´ve seen. Sounds like he breathes out before he starts singing. Haha! I think their first is better, "Agents of steel masters of metal"!

  2. Just discovered this splendid blog, and while scrolling down the page i got that "aahh-the-memories-kinda-feel", kinda cool!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Oh, i got A request:
    SPAZZTIC BLURR demos/Live stuff!!

  3. i guess ive never really gone all the way down your list of records. theres so many great ones i never noticed you had up here!! just listened to this one again and its been a good 10+ years at least. i heard Skeptics Apocalypse first and always thought that was their best record through and through. but theres some great stuff on here too and this one had the better sound (funny i thought this and the Nasty Savage record were some of the best-sounding records to ever come outta Morrisound). the first three tunes are real strong and i really liked "The Rager" cause it had Nasty Ronnie.

    i also really liked the band Juan Garcia formed after Agent Steel broke up - Evildead. their first record - Annihilation Of Civilization - was a pretty big deal to me back in the day. Word em Up.

  4. i have this on vinyl, bought used for 2 bucks at this cd store in town......whenever anyone talks about agent steel related bands, everyone thinks Evildead, but even agent steel themselves can't compare to Holy Terror...

    this blog is great, i enjoy following it.
    keep up the good work!