Monday, May 7, 2007

Cloven Hoof-the opening ritual 12" (1982)

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1. The Gates of Gehenna
2. Stormrider
3. Back in the USA
4. Starship Sentinal

These guys were from the U.K., and started in 1979. There are only four songs on this ep, but two are over 6 mins, and the other two are over 4 mins long. The opening riffs of Gates of gehenna remind me of early Budgie musically. great and influential nwobhm, that vocally reminds me of U.S. metal from the same time period. Cloven Hoof stole the name from the church of satan, making them all that much more appealing in the early 80's to weirdos like me.
When I first heard this record, it was very late in comparison to its coming out in 1982. I'd started off hearing the full length, but not until around 1986.

Cloven Hoof - 12" Download