Sunday, May 6, 2007

G.I.S.M. detestation LP (1983)

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1.Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter
2.Death Agonies And Screams
3.A.B.C. Weapons
4.Nih Nightmare
5.Document One
6. Syphillitic Vaginas To Pieces
7.Nuclear Armed Hogs

Gism are one of those legendary hardcore bands that people talk about for decades. the singer(Sakevi) was known as a crazy motherfucker who would kill you in a heartbeat(he'd attacked photographers, concert goers, and random people on the street). Sakevi spent time in jail, and was rumored to have organized crime ties. The band was from Tokyo Japan, and formed in around 1980 (one of Japans first hardcore bands). The band became famous for its use of violence through imagery (record covers, films, t shirts) and the fights that Sakevi would get into.
I first heard the band on a Compilation LP in the mid 80s..then again later from my Japanese hardcore collector buddy Louis Jacobs. The sizzling leads, and raw metallic riffs are what drew me into the bands music.
In around 2001 the main writer/guitarist died of cancer.

GISM - detestation LP Download


  1. This is a great record. You should check out their 2nd LP M.A.N. which way more metal with Iron Maiden like guitars, weird sound collage bits and the same vocals.

  2. It's cool to check out your blog & check out other styles of metal besides the extreme metal..
    How about Randy Uchida Group? GISM guitarist band..

  3. This guys are really tough.A good work for a Japanese band in the early 80's. This cover is pretty damn good and seems to work pretty fine for them

  4. That cover is sick, meaning that I love it. I heard stories form the lead vocalist as well, actually attacking fans that came close to him for a picture on an autograph, he was really messed up.

  5. Yessss! Thankee, just what I was looking for.