Friday, May 25, 2007

Trouble-the skull LP (1985)

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1.Pray For The Dead
2.Fear No Evil
3.The Wish
4.The Truth Is, What Is
5.Wickedness Of Man
7.The Skull

Trouble came to me when I was in Junior high school. I totally related to the lyrical content, as I was going through depression and teen angst at the time. The band was playing doom metal before there really was such a thing (or at least term). The band just seemed to be playing music that was heavily influenced by Black Sabbath.
I remember getting bummed on the band when the skull came out because it seemed to have pro Christian lyrics. These days I could care less, as the music is totally catchy, and the lyrics get me feeling nostalgic.
Trouble formed in Chicago in 1979, and are still touring today.

Pray For The Dead...
The one you love is dead
feeling so empty inside
I know it hurts

Out from the depths
I cry to you
shed all your tears
for the one, who is dead

We loved you in life
hate you in death
how could you leave me here
all alone

poor souls wait for the Lord
paying for sins which have not been paid in life
pray for the dead - for it is of faith that these poor souls
can be saved

He`s not to blame for his death
For his death
one day his fate will be yours
and we`ll pray for you.

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  1. i love this album. I was a huge Trouble fan.

    donna damage

  2. Its my likest group, and likest album! Thanx!

  3. The file is gone....

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