Thursday, May 17, 2007

Onslaught-power from hell LP (1985)

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1.Damnation/Onslaught (Power from Hell)
2.Thermonuclear Devastation
3.Skullcrusher I
4.Lord of Evil
5.Death Metal
6.Angels of Death
7.The Devil's Legion
8.Steel Meets Steel
9.Skullcrusher II
10.Witch Hunt
11.Mighty Empress

I was turned on to these guys by the writings of Pushead in the mid 80s. It was then that I became interested in them because of their d.i.y. roots.
Before releasing this LP, they released a slew of demos dating back to 1983.
Onslaught played an early brand of death/black metal that was compared by many to Venom, only not as catchy, and a bit faster. The band was from the U.K., and helped to set a sort of the early trend in this style of music. This was the sound track to a lot of partying, and skateboarding for me.

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  1. both demos and this lp of the best "crossover" of metal and hc/thrash in UK scene

  2. Saw 'em a few times, from their spiky haired punk days to the godawful surf jams later years. The Force is a cracking lp but Power.. gets top marks

  3. brother had a "power from hell" shirt that died a savage death after being in one too many pits. he loved that shirt!

  4. check out my blog nation on fire
    i got all of onsluagt's early demos and some practices from 1984 and live from 1984

  5. Wow, yet another one I've overlooked several times on here!! Great stuff - always reminded me a bit of early Celtic Frost. I heard The Force before I heard this one and I do think thats the more "complete" record if that makes sense, but this one is great too for sure.

    Did you like Anihilated?? Another UK band that made a similar transition from punk to thrash - peep their LP "Created In Hate". It has one of my very favorite album covers of all time as well..

  6. The Plinth of DarknethJanuary 30, 2009 at 5:24 AM

    Saw them in the late 80s possibly 86 at the Klubfoot in Camden.

    I was talked into going by an old mate who collared me as I was leaving work.

    They were quite possibly the loudest band I had ever heard - and I must have stood out like a sore thumb being at the back of the hall wearing a suit and tie :)

    seem to recall some smashed out bloke trying to evade the onstage security by edging his way along the towering PA systems - my god he must be permanently deaf now.

    It was a great night nevertheless.

  7. Great band!! Just looking through your blog and I am digging it. I am from the SF area and I have enjoyed you writing about going to The Farm, Stone (Broadway) etc. Probably went to some of the same shows as you did in around 85-87. Just a note here, Onslaught has had an official release of their demos when they were more of a UK hardcore band. Pulverising Discharge style thrash that kills. The sound quality is awesome, you should seek it out. Great blog BTW!