Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hermética-s/t LP (1989)

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1.Cráneo Candente
2.Masa Anestesiada
3.Desterrando A Los Oscurantistas
4.Víctimas Del Vaciamiento
5.Tu Eres Su Seguridad
6.Sepulcro Civil
7.Vida Impersonal
8.Desde El Oeste
9.Para Que No Caigas
10.Deja De Robar
11.Yo No Lo Haré

Hermética were from Argentina, and were one of the most well known heavy metal acts of that area. The band opened for every metal act touring through out that part of the world in the early days of metal. What first attracted me to these guys (besides the album cover)was the fact that they sang in their native language and could really give two shits about the English language and becoming popular in the America's. Pretty awesome metal that takes influences from everything from the nwobhm to early Metallica. The vocals help make this sound heavier then it might sound in English.

Hermetica - S/T LP Download


  1. Nice, more non-english/american music for the people!

  2. Gracias, me dieron ganas de escuchar este disco con el que crecí. Greetings from Argentina.