Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pentagram-s/t LP (1989)

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01 Rotten Dogs
02 Mephistopheles
03 Metal Not Dead
04 Astharoth
05 Bloody Guillotine
06 Powerstage
07 Dimensions of Death
08 Pentagram
09 Deceptive Bells
10 Los Magandos

Yes I know, there is a pentagram in every town. Well this one is from Turkey. How fucking cool is that? How much thrash metal do you think ever came out of Turkey? The band is sort of known as gods, or has a cult like status in Turkey for pioneering the heavy music scene there... and also because the first guitarist was killed by Terrorists in Turkey in 1993. The band later changed their name to Mezarkabul (meaning Pentagram).


  1. Very cool stuff indeed and this should definitely be more known. Awesome sound too.

  2. this records was reissued in 2001 by Nepa Music..

    just a slight correction here:Ümit Yýlbar the guitarist, died while serving his country as a soldier, back in 1993 there was no any war on terror and if i remember correct, Turkey had to fight the Kurds guerrillas in eastern and southeastern regions of country. Kurds were not and are not terrorists, they were just a liberation front.

    excellent record , all i have from Turkish scene is a black metal compilation cd and the deathsters Consume.
    thanks :)


  3. wtf!!!! only pentagram original from chile!!!!!! yeah , demoniac possesion!!!!

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  6. For being Turkish this is pretty damn well produced and developed. I have to say they have surprised me in a good way. Another Pentagram to add to the collection.

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