Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Riot- firedown under LP (1981)

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1.Swords and Tequila
2.Fire Down Under
3.Feel the Same
5.Don't Bring Me Down
6.Don't Hold Back
7.Altar of the King
8.No Lies
9.Run For Your Life

Okay one of my fond memories of Riot comes from me being a teenage metalhead(1983), getting caught smoking in high school by some random teacher, her confronting me... then me calling her a Cunt and stupidly running away. Later I was called into the principles office, I was of course easy to track down according to Mr. Williams due to my denim Jacket with the words "RIOT" painted in bright red on the back. Stupid shit...
Riot were one of the few USA metal/hard rock bands that were sorta doing the N.W.O.B.H.M. thing in the early 80's. I loved the nwobhm sound, but was interested in seeing and hearing New yorkers play their version. This is where Riot came in (along with the Rods, and a slew of others).
Riot featured two great vocalist through the years... both of whom are now dead. Guy Speranza the vocalist on this record died within the last 3 years of cancer. My favorite song on here would be "swords and tequila" or "altar of the king". I never got a chance to see the band, but the bands live shows during this line up were supposed to be legendary.
Fucking Brooklyn...

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download fire down under below


  1. its missing vital tracks!!! i.e. title track and other important ones! please email me at


    if you have them! would be very much appreciated

  2. Dont Hold Back! Speranza was such an underrated singer, i think this album was their peak.

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