Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mottek-hypnose LP (1983)

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1. Countdown
2. Gott sieht Alles
3. In schlechter Gesellschaft
4. Wie ein kranker Hund
5. Herz aus Metall
6. Das Spiel ist aus
7. Ist das Alles
8. Mottek
9. Horrorpuppen
10. Meine Meinung
11. Nie wieder Frieden
12. Nieten und Leder
13. Das Schwarz
14. Fremde G?rten
15. Sex Appeal

Mottek were one of the earlier of the German hardcore/punk bands that I had heard. During this time period Germany was still divided into West Germany, and East Germany, so The political climate there made for some of the best punk rock to come out of Europe in the 80's. Mottek were one of the earlier European bands I'd heard alongside BGK, Raw Power, L'arm, Upright Citizens, etc. They weren't afraid to sing in their native language either. great stuff...


  1. very nice LP!!!
    and nice site, you're running here nate :)
    keep it goin

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  3. damaged file, broken.