Monday, May 7, 2007

Anthrax-fistful of metal LP (1983)

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2.Metal Thrashing Mad
3.I'm Eighteen
6.Soldiers Of Metal
7.Death From Above
9.Across The River
10.Howling Furies

I was way into this record the day it came out. The cover sold me in a heartbeat (I was sold before even seeing it). I don't know how, but I was a member of the Armored Saint and Anthrax fanclubs before the records even hit strawberry's and record town. This album features the bands first vocalist, Neil Turbin who made the band sound like a faster version of Manowar. To me, its the best Anthrax there is... the only Anthrax. This record also features Danny Lilker on bass... he later joined Nuclear Assault, then Brutal Truth. A great cover of Alice coopers "I'm 18".

ANTHAX - fist Download


  1. Zero comments?? Man if nothing else, this record is worth hearing because its the first place we get to hear the incredible chemistry between Ian/Lilker/Benante which of course would eventually produce one of the greatest hardcore-metal records of all time - SOD "Speak English Or Die". I think some of the later stuff (ie Among The Living, State Of Euphoria) would eclipse this but considering when this came out, its pretty damn impressive.

  2. This is HEAVY METAL!!!!

  3. Totally agree.The only ANTHRAX lp

  4. the Link!! She' dead!! ;(