Thursday, January 12, 2012

WOLFPACK s/t LP(1988)

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2.stood up
3.bustin' out
4.suicide life
6.pack of one
7.pride of the pack book of hell

The band was always known as Wolfpack to us.  When the record came out for what I guess were legal reasons they had to add NY at the beginning of the name.  Silly.  Regardless, This record is an important part of Albany NY punk/hardcore history.  These guys were really the first Albany hc band that I can recall buying a LP from.  I think the first Albany NY hc band to actually have an LP come out at all.  I'd seen these guys a couple of times, but never with the vocalist on this record(Steve Reddy).  There were two other vocalist in this band through out its short life.  Early on they really sounded a lot guessed it, DYS(duh...Wolfpack).  I actually wasn't much of a fan of this record when it initially came out.  I guess it took me years to appreciate it.  I think what I loved most about the record was the back cover photo of the band hanging out near some huge Wolfpack Graffiti that was painted on parking lot wall at Worlds Records.  This graffiti remained there for over a decade.  It was Albany...
It really hit me when I drove by and noticed that they had covered it up with "proper" paint years later.  Everytime I'm in the area and drive by I half expect to see it when I glance in that direction.
Steve Reddy of course went on to create Equal Vision Records.  He and Dave Stein would put on the best hc shows ever back in the 80's.  Albany was hit by everyone that was touring back then.


  1. nate whats up my nig???!! its jack kkk!!! get with me. god bless daaddy oooo!!!!

  2. WoW! blast from the past! saw these guys twice back in the day. thanks for making this available. a great memory.

  3. Thanks for posting this! Futile Effort / Combined Effort did tons and tons for the Albany scene. Lots of guys we grew up with are working for EVR so the influence has been lasting.

    I've got some old live tapes around the house, I think of No Outlet, Token Entry and Slapshot. No idea how good the audio is. When I get a chance I'll load them up and kick out some MP3s.

  4. thanks Adam... these were great times. you were so young back then. 14 or something?

  5. if you still check this blog Im one of the 3 singers (more like 5 but 2 only did like 1 show each) Donn Sullivan 1st(from Drews other band Fit For Abuse, Steve Reddy and finally Chris Lynch (me) we actually recorded a six song demo that is still floating about the interwebs.
    Drew is really really sick and we are putting a tribute show together for him (he doesnt know yet) late November 2016.....lots of musicians getting together to cover all his body of work as well as a punk rock jukebox of his all time favorite songs plus maybe a surprise old school band to headline the whole thing. if you waNT more info or want to attend my email