Friday, June 6, 2014

ROMPER ROOM REJECTS-10 song demo(1987)

1.Skate or die
3.Reagan lies
4.Use your brain
5.Trial & Error
6.Drunken State
7.Judgement Day
8.Body pile
10.No fun after curfew

I thought this recording was lost forever, but it was actually saved recently.  The Romper Room Rejects was a band I was in that started in 1986 in SF CA.  My best bud Zoran(the mightyZee) played guitar, I sang, Kenny Donovan pounded the drums, and Michael Roi played Bass.  I'd heard Michael passed away within the last couple years.  He was a French immigrant who at that time had no papers to be here.  Totally a sweet guy.
We practiced at my apt on Fell street in the Hayes district of the city.  At that time it was a really rough neighborhood.  We'd eat at soup kitchens with our punk peers. Bomb hills on our skateboards, Party like everyday was our last,, and go to every show in the city.  It was the funnest time of my life.
The demo was recorded by this guy Brian in 1987 at the Gilman Street warehouse.  When the club first opened they decided to try recording bands on days, and mornings(or whenever there wasn't a gig or meeting).  We set up one morning like we were playing live on the stage, Brian got our sounds and mix, and then had us roll through our songs while he'd capture the recording through whatever weird set up they had there.  No over dubs.. totally live.  Our heros were RKL, Corrupted Morals, Attitude Adjustment, Poison Idea, Agnostic Front and a good heap of bay area metal bands(Sacrilege BC, Possessed, Death Angel, Exodus, etc.).  At any rate there are 10 songs here.  Thanks to Anthony for helping to save this recording.

For a sample:

Michael, Kenny, Zoran, Nate
Download RRR Demo here:

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

RAISE CAIN-Bootleg 7"(1992)

2.Hi speed

I have no idea why the band named this ep "bootleg", its not one.  I was turned on to Japanese hardcore pretty early by a friend of mine in Albany named Louis.  He was blasting the stuff for me in the late 80's... I didn't get it then(I was a idiot).  There were very few dudes in the U.S. scene who were really exposed and immersed in this stuff back then.  Brian Dropdead, and Wedge from Ohio were others who were totally into it like my buddy Louis.  Brian even did a zine called Japcore.  He'd sell his zines and some random records he was distroing at shows that I would frequent in the early 90's.  I recall buying the first Voorhees 7" and this ep from him at a show.  He raved about both bands.  Raise Cain sorta remind me of a less powerful Bastard.  The songs are furiously fast, and articulately tight.  The vox are brutal and sung with lots of passion.  lots of noodling solos make this epic enough for this metalhead.

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PIRANHA-Big fucking teeth demo (1988)

1.Nursey Rhymes
2.Alone we'll survive

Anyone not familiar with this is in for a real treat.  I was lucky enough to see these guys in the Bay Area in around 1987.  The band featured ex Exodus front man Paul Baloff who formed this band after he'd been replaced by Legacy's vocalist and was booted from Exodus.
This line up only lasted maybe a year before Paul left Piranha to front Heathen.  At some point he left Heathen and tried to reform Piranha with a new line up.   Paul was a real character.  He loved his drink, drugs, and thrash metal.  I became friends with him when he started managing and booking bands at the rock on broadway.  Its rumored that this was Produced by James Hetfield.  Pretty sure thats not true.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

INTENT-1989 demo tape

1. reach out
2. it won't happen that way
4. stupid fools
5. dirt
6. identity
7. alone
8. so what

I haven't posted on here in a while.  Been busy raising my daughter and doing other stuff.  Recently found this tape and wanted to get it up here so maybe it wouldn't get lost forever.

 This demo tape came out in 1989, and was recorded at Cotton hill studios live. It is missing two songs from the original tape due to the quality of the tape being to fucked up.  The band was from Albany NY and featured Steve Watts on vox, Dave Stevenson on guitar, Kevin O on drums, and myself on bass.  Both Kevin and myself went on to play in Devoid Of Faith.  Intent played a shit ton of shows, and existed for maybe 3 years with a few different line ups and crappy 7"s.  This is my favorite recorded material by the band, as its raw and we were listening to the likes of Infest, Fear Of God, Heresy, Black Flag, Void, etc.  We were one of the few non Straightedge bands from the area to be playing hardcore in a sea of way to much of that NYC HC tough guy shit.
Thanks to my old Friend Marc for finding the original artwork for this in his tape collection. 

new rip:
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