Tuesday, April 8, 2014

INTENT-1989 demo tape

1. reach out
2. it won't happen that way
4. stupid fools
5. dirt
6. identity
7. alone
8. so what

I haven't posted on here in a while.  Been busy raising my daughter and doing other stuff.  Recently found this tape and wanted to get it up here so maybe it wouldn't get lost forever.

 This demo tape came out in 1989, and was recorded at Cotton hill studios live. It is missing two songs from the original tape due to the quality of the tape being to fucked up.  The band was from Albany NY and featured Steve Watts on vox, Dave Stevenson on guitar, Kevin O on drums, and myself on bass.  Both Kevin and myself went on to play in Devoid Of Faith.  Intent played a shit ton of shows, and existed for maybe 3 years with a few different line ups and crappy 7"s.  This is my favorite recorded material by the band, as its raw and we were listening to the likes of Infest, Fear Of God, Heresy, Black Flag, Void, etc.  We were one of the few non Straightedge bands from the area to be playing hardcore in a sea of way to much of that NYC HC tough guy shit.
Thanks to my old Friend Marc for finding the original artwork for this in his tape collection. 

new rip:
Share intent 1989 remaster.zip - 11 MB