Friday, June 6, 2014

ROMPER ROOM REJECTS-10 song demo(1987)

1.Skate or die
3.Reagan lies
4.Use your brain
5.Trial & Error
6.Drunken State
7.Judgement Day
8.Body pile
10.No fun after curfew

I thought this recording was lost forever, but it was actually saved recently.  The Romper Room Rejects was a band I was in that started in 1986 in SF CA.  My best bud Zoran(the mightyZee) played guitar, I sang, Kenny Donovan pounded the drums, and Michael Roi played Bass.  I'd heard Michael passed away within the last couple years.  He was a French immigrant who at that time had no papers to be here.  Totally a sweet guy.
We practiced at my apt on Fell street in the Hayes district of the city.  At that time it was a really rough neighborhood.  We'd eat at soup kitchens with our punk peers. Bomb hills on our skateboards, Party like everyday was our last,, and go to every show in the city.  It was the funnest time of my life.
The demo was recorded by this guy Brian in 1987 at the Gilman Street warehouse.  When the club first opened they decided to try recording bands on days, and mornings(or whenever there wasn't a gig or meeting).  We set up one morning like we were playing live on the stage, Brian got our sounds and mix, and then had us roll through our songs while he'd capture the recording through whatever weird set up they had there.  No over dubs.. totally live.  Our heros were RKL, Corrupted Morals, Attitude Adjustment, Poison Idea, Agnostic Front and a good heap of bay area metal bands(Sacrilege BC, Possessed, Death Angel, Exodus, etc.).  At any rate there are 10 songs here.  Thanks to Anthony for helping to save this recording.

For a sample:

Michael, Kenny, Zoran, Nate
Download RRR Demo here:

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